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This October, we held a global month of service, where Muleys from 12 countries across the world – from the U.S. and Argentina to Singapore and the UK – participated in over 50 volunteer opportunities to give back to the community.

The opportunities enabled Muleys to come together and do community work as a team. The community service opportunities spanned various interests and causes––from collecting cleaning supplies and cooking pancakes to distributing foods and donating children’s books.

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Let’s see what Muleys were up to this global month of service!


amsterdam mulesoft

“Visiting the cultural museum with senior citizens was a truly heart-warming experience. Every Muley that participated was paired up with an elderly citizen, after which we all wandered through the museum.

It was great hearing the stories about their “good old days,” how everyone met their spouses, the dancing nights, the places they had seen and visited––all while we all enjoyed the art! The fact that we, as colleagues, were able to give them a day free of their regular worries and even loneliness was very special.” Yasmine Majoor, Executive Assistant


atlanta mulesoft

“The Atlanta office had the pleasure of attending the St. Jude Charity 5K focusing on defeating Childhood Cancer and other life-threatening illnesses during #muleysgiveback. Unfortunately, more than 170,000 children are diagnosed with illnesses that we don’t completely understand each year. Because many forms of childhood cancer are caused by genetic mutations, it’s critical that we learn what genetic changes cause cancer so medical professionals can diagnose symptoms more effectively.

The team successfully raised nearly $3,000 for St. Jude and the ongoing fight against Childhood Cancer. These funds will help doctors diagnose illnesses more effectively and may help scientists develop better treatments. Since St. Jude’s founding in 1962, they have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to more than 80% and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be apart of this amazing cause.” – Jeffrey Christian, Account Development Representative


“The New England-based MuleSoft team helped provide over 10,000 meals to families throughout the Greater Boston area. Greater Boston Food Bank is a well-run organization that does amazing things for people in need, and it was so rewarding to take the time to help out together. – Eric Daggett, Sales Director – East

Buenos Aires


The best part about Muleys Give Back, is not what you put in, but what you get out of it. I volunteered at a community canteen, which serves food for more than 50 homeless people in Buenos Aires every day. I also visited an orphan’s house, which is outside the city center, and is home to children that used to live in the railway station. What did I put in? Just time. What did I get out? Love, life stories, and an amazing feeling because I gave something back – even if it is little – to the community. The best part of this experience is sharing it with other Muleys, we’re definitely going to volunteer again soon!” – Meli Rochi, Office Assistant 


chicago mulesoft

“Volunteering with the Chicago Food Depository was a unique and eye-opening experience for our office. We had a wonderful time working together in a different setting to sort and repackage over 8,000 pounds of fresh food for distribution to Chicagoans in need.

The exceptional staff taught us about the history and operations of the depository, we met other incredible volunteers and, most importantly, we gained a better understanding of the food insecurity and effects of hunger in our community. The need for quality donations and volunteer assistance is so high that we can’t wait to help again. We’re grateful to work for a company that cares and inspires us to give back together!” – Brittney Aldridge, Office Manager and Executive Assistant


london mulesoft

“I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with many other Muleys, offering hot food to the homeless at the American International Church in Central London. It’s fantastic to see how MuleSoft is supporting the local community and it means a lot that I can be a part of that.” – Luke Purcell, Marketing Specialist

New York 

New York mulesoft 

“Our volunteering experience was with the Ocean Conservancy’s Coastal Cleanup. Our MuleSoft NYC office is on Manhattan Island, which has a tremendous amount of trash land on our shores affecting coastal animals and some of our most valued public spaces. The MuleSoft team volunteered to tackle a section of the Hudson River Park. It was great to connect with my colleagues and have the opportunity to give back to a city and community where we live and work.” – Sean Murray, Regional Services Director

San Francisco

san francisco mulesoft

“I had the honor of volunteering twice last month – once with my team up at the Food Bank in Santa Rosa and once with a cross-functional group in SF at Glide.

  1. Santa Rosa – Given the recent fires in Napa, we pivoted on our agenda and found an amazing opportunity for my whole leadership team to pass out food to those affected by the fires. It was so moving to see, first hand, the devastation that the fires caused. And while I know it was only a small impact we could have in a few hours, it was hands down the best time we spent as a group that week
  2. Glide – We went with a bunch of folks on the Talent, Account Development, and the Executive staff team to volunteer with Glide, an organization helping the homeless community in San Francisco. The best part of this was that it was right in our community, a short walk from our office. It was so fun meeting people in the office I had never met and there’s nothing like a way to exemplify teamwork than when you’re making almost 400 meals for dinner!” – Leslie Kurkjian, Vice President of Talent  


mulesoft hong kong singapore

“During #muleysgiveback, MuleSoft’s Hong Kong and Singapore team led a morning activity with 40 seniors at the AWWA Senior Centre. We joined and helped seniors during an outdoor walk, hosted a really fun BINGO game, and also served lunch. We enjoyed giving back to the community so much, experienced a meaningful team outing, and saw a different side of each other besides work!” Catherine Zhao, Strategic Account Development Manager


sydney mulesoft

“In October, we participated in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, raising funds for RedKite; a charity that supports children and young people with cancer and their families from the journey of diagnosis to the end of treatment. It felt rewarding to contribute to the cause.

In November, I donated my blood to the Red Cross Blood Drive, which was put to use in a Sydney hospital a week later. Receiving a text saying that my contribution was given to someone in need made me feel humbled that they got the help they need.

The best part of the volunteer work is that the smallest contribution can make the biggest impact on someone in need.” Chloe Fryar, Field Marketing Manager

Looking Ahead

The month of October represented a period of giving for Muleys across the word. Although it’s come to an end, Muleys across the world will continue to look for ways to be good humans––whether it is by regularly volunteering at a charitable organization, organizing soccer tournaments, setting up canned food drives, or coordinating trips to local non-profits.

Muleys, everywhere, bring different perspectives and experiences, and we are always excited to mobilize together to give back to the community.

Follow #muleysgiveback on Instagram to see Muleys posting their experiences as we continue giving back! We’re looking for more exceptional people to join our teams around the world and do impactful work with us. Check out our Careers site to see open roles in your part of the globe.