How to quickly onboard B2B trading partners with Anypoint Partner Manager

In our previous blogs, we provided a high-level overview of Anypoint B2B Solutions with a couple of B2B integration use cases. As part of the “how to” series, we will cover how Anypoint Partner Manager can help you rapidly develop, manage, and monitor B2B integrations.

11 new Anypoint Connectors: RPA, data lakes, and event streaming

December 11 2020


It’s been a wild year for us at MuleSoft — and together with Salesforce — we’re closing out the year with a first all-remote Dreamforce, delivered directly to you! It’s been inspiring to see stories like Bentley Motors and AT&T on how they’ve created truly connected customer experiences. And, at the core of these Trailblazer stories is how MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform provides universal connectivity — the ability to connect to any system,

How to process EDI transactions with Anypoint X12 Connector

In our previous blogs, we covered a high-level overview of various Anypoint B2B integration solutions to seamlessly connect with your trading partner ecosystem for exchanging business transactions. As part of the “How to” blog series, we will walk through various B2B integration use cases with Anypoint B2B Solutions. Our goal with this blog is to cover a B2B integration use case that processes EDI X12 transactions.

How can your enterprise modernize B2B integrations?

In order to build a sustainable value chain, enterprises need to establish an ecosystem of businesses — partners, suppliers, manufacturers, shippers, etc. According to a Gartner research in 2020, an organization’s digital ecosystem is a dynamic network of entities (people, businesses, and things) interacting with each other through real-time integrated solutions to create and exchange sustainable value. Technology blurs boundaries between internal and external partners. To enable the execution of everyday supply chain processes in a digital ecosystem,

Eliminate custom code: New connectors for Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

October 15 2020


Just in Q2 of this year, digital shopping revenue grew an unprecedented 71% compared to the previous year. As shoppers become digital natives, successful businesses such as WatchBox are turning to Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud to deliver customer-centric commerce experiences everywhere. 

MuleSoft achieves SAP-certified integration with SAP NetWeaver® and SAP S/4HANA®

In July 2020, the SAP® Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) certified connectors from MuleSoft to integrate with SAP NetWeaver® technology platform and with SAP S/4HANA using standard integration technologies. SAP S/4HANA is the next-generation business suite, built for the SAP HANA platform, with on-premise and cloud deployment options. It is designed to act as the digital core, helping customers drive digital transformation across their entire organizations, taking advantage of the award-winning, role-based user experience of SAP Fiori®.

Microsoft Azure, Plaid, and Dropbox: 11 new connectors for Anypoint Platform

Many of our customers report launching new products 50% faster, and that developers can push out apps at twice as fast while using Anypoint Platform. A core part of these stories is how Anypoint Platform provides universal connectivity — the ability to connect to any system, anywhere. As an agnostic technology platform, we provide a means to integrate and connect customer experiences to any backend system from commonly used SaaS applications to more generally used open-source connectivity protocols,

Common use cases, templates, and connectors for Flow Designer

August 17 2020

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In this blog post, we will talk about “Flow Designer,” the online component which has a wide set of features for the creation of basic integrations and to “enable” backend components by making them ready for API-led connectivity.

Flow Designer runs on the control plane and is available with the basic subscription as well as with the trial account. It enables the Citizen Integrator to create Mule applications that are deployable directly to CloudHub.

How Patient 360 can help address COVID-19 challenges

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges across all industries, but its impact on healthcare is unparalleled. Without access to testing centers or vaccines, patients and citizens are left with many unanswered questions.  

These unanswered questions have a sizable impact on healthcare — a significant being the contact centers. Hospitals across the globe are hit with higher call volumes than ever before by patients who rightfully want to know if they should come into the hospital to be tested,

Announcing MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare

To see the Accelerator in action, register for our webinar series: