The Unusual DNA of MuleSoft’s Sales Org

Overcoming the Stigma: The Unusual DNA of MuleSoft’s Sales Org

Three years ago, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than taking a job in sales. Cold calling, reeling off a cheesy script, “Always Be Closing”. I was a journalist at the time, and the idea of a sales gig made my skin crawl.

But, today, as part of MuleSoft’s Account Development (AD) team – very much the frontline of the sales organization’s pipeline generation efforts – I’m struck by just how wrong my preconceptions were.

How leaders build strong tech sales reps

Building a sales team

Sales automation technology is powerful, and sales development teams rely on it more and more to keep up with demand. However, as we keep up aggressive KPIs with automation tools, we must at the same time remember to move beyond the technology to enable and develop new sales reps and teams.

We will be hosting a panel and networking event this Thursday at our MuleSoft HQ in San Francisco featuring Steven Broudy,

MuleSoft awarded top place to work

At MuleSoft, our company culture is a critical part of our growth and success. We invest heavily in hiring the right people, developing the best training programs, and ensuring that there are always opportunities to have fun, all while driving the business toward our goals. So we were thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded a Top Workplaces honor by the Bay Area News Group for the fourth year in a row. We’ve also been recognized by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal as one of the Bay Area’s Best Places To Work.

How a Role in Tech Sales Will Jumpstart Your Career

When I tell people I work in “sales at a tech company”, some react in a way as though they expect me to start flogging them some shady gadgets, especially in the UK and Europe. Americans have already figured out that software sales is a pretty cool gig, since some of the smartest young professionals across the United States are moving to the West Coast to start their careers in software sales. For one thing,

Why stress is actually good for you – and four ways to manage it

Everybody is constantly telling me that stress is bad for my health. But, quite frankly, I’m not so sure. Stress researcher Daniella Kaufer at the University of California, Berkeley, has found that short-term bursts of stress can boost brainpower, productivity and alertness.  In my job as an account executive at MuleSoft, I’ve definitely found that to be true. I never know what’s going to be on my plate that day. Whatever I plan is just the appetizer;

Meet a Muley – James Hall, Interaction Designer

December 20 2013


This week we’re wrapping up our Meet a Muley posts for 2013 with James Hall! As an Interaction Designer on the Product Team, James focuses on creating the best possible experience for our users. Read on to learn why he considers himself a “shaved ice connoisseur” and how he deals with being a tech-neophyte in a tech startup!

First thought that came to mind when you looked into the mirror today?

Meet a Muley – Albin Kjellin, CloudHub Solutions Architect

December 13 2013


This week’s Muley comes to us from Sweden! Albin Kjellin is our CloudHub Solutions Architect in the San Francisco office, and as a part of the Services and Support Team, he spends much of his time solving problems with his technical expertise. When he’s not helping customers with their CloudHub needs, he’s refilling the coffee in his awesome Sweden moose mug. Read on to learn a little more about Albin!

Meet a Muley – Evangelina Martinez, Senior Java Developer

November 1 2013


Here at MuleSoft, we’ve had a lot of exciting things going on lately. With our new lean startup mountain climbing principles, MuleSoft summits wrapping up and the launch of RAML tooling, we’ve been pretty busy; not to mention we’ve been hiring talent like crazy!

We thought it might be a good idea to give our community an idea of what goes on internally – what we’re up to,