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As engineers, much of the quality of our days and lives depends upon the quality of the codebases on which we work.

If you’re willing to build up your skills, anything is possible

Willow Solem is one of the engineers here at MuleSoft, but she took an unconventional path to her current career. Here’s her story:

I’ve been coding full-time for about three years. Before I started working as a software developer, I lived a completely different life, doing jobs just to pay the bills. Before I got my first coding gig, I was applying to be a barista. Changing careers isn’t always easy, but there are a few things I’ve learned that made it more doable.

Women engineers at MuleSoft: Solving interesting technology challenges

As MuleSoft continues to define a new category of software, the team behind it encounters new technology challenges on a daily basis. The MuleSoft engineering team works with complex systems, builds products for the cloud and on-premises, and creates APIs that power products that enable developers to create exciting and innovative new experiences, and that’s only the beginning.

Today is National Women in Engineering Day, and we’re excited to celebrate by letting you get to know a few of the women engineers working in our San Francisco and Buenos Aires offices.

Meet a Muley – Emma Guo, Sr Javascript UI Engineer

January 17 2014


This week we chatted with one of our Sr Javascipt UI Engineers, Emma Guo. Read on to learn more about her love for AngularJS, zombie makeup, and Ted. Yes, that angry teddy bear Ted.

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