6 insights after 6 months with MuleSoft engineering

January 13 2017

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mulesoft engineering

Last year, I embarked on a new adventure with Mulesoft Engineering. It’s been over six months, and it’s been an incredible experience, and I’ve learned a lot. I wanted to share my six biggest insights into what it’s like working here.

What’s Mulesoft? We help businesses become more productive. We provide a platform that helps enterprises connect and orchestrate backend systems they build and/or use, which in turn saves time and money. I work on the Cloudhub Engineering team, and we are responsible for running the engine for deploying, running, and managing Mule applications in the cloud.

Putting our culture of innovation into practice

November 4 2016

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Twice a year, MuleSoft hosts an internal hackathon to allow teams to focus on passion projects and unique ways of using our platform. Last week, we hosted our second hackathon of the year with the theme Scaling MuleSoft.

“Hackathons are a great way to have engineers bring new ideas that they can turn into products, improve our existing products, try out new technologies, and mainly have fun,” says Mariano Capurro, VP of Engineering at MuleSoft. “It is incredible to see how many of the projects end up as part of our products after each hackathon.”

A hackathon for middle and high school girls: Why we held Coding Cup

September 28 2016

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Many young women love engineering and technology but by the time they reach college and the job market, far too many of them have been discouraged to follow their passion and drop out of the field. The National Girls Collaborative Project reports that while female and male students enroll in advanced math and science courses at comparable rates, women ultimately receive far fewer degrees in computer science and engineering (17.9% and 19.3% of degrees, respectively).

MuleSoft’s Engineering team is expanding to Mountain View

September 2 2016

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silicon valley

We’ve called downtown San Francisco home to our headquarters for several years, and we love the energy around tech in the Bay Area. MuleSoft is growing dramatically, and in order to keep the pace, we’re looking to quickly expand our engineering organization and tap into the incredible talent in the South Bay. We’re thrilled to be opening a new development center in downtown Mountain View.

MuleSoft engineer

If you’re willing to build up your skills, anything is possible

July 1 2016

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Willow Solem is one of the engineers here at MuleSoft, but she took an unconventional path to her current career. Here’s her story:

I’ve been coding full-time for about three years. Before I started working as a software developer, I lived a completely different life, doing jobs just to pay the bills. Before I got my first coding gig, I was applying to be a barista. Changing careers isn’t always easy, but there are a few things I’ve learned that made it more doable.

Missing at SXSW 2015: Conversations Between Engineers and Designers

March 27 2015

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UX, meet Engineering. Engineering, meet UX. You two should talk.

MuleSoft’s very own Mason Foster, Director of User Experience, checked out this year’s SXSW Interactive festival and made an interesting observation. In a recent post on re/code, he points out that, “there were myriad opportunities for engineers to learn the ins and outs of the hot technologies, and countless rooms packed with user experience (UX) professionals discussing the latest trends in design. But you didn’t see these folks talking to each other, and there weren’t many structured opportunities to do so.”

Meet a Muley – Alejandro Schenzle, Engineering Manager

March 7 2014

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This week’s Muley comes to us from the cloud integrations team in Buenos Aires! As an Engineering Manager, Alejandro focuses on keeping things running smoothly. Read on to learn about some of biggest challenges he has to overcome.

First thought that came to mind when you looked into the mirror today?

  • How hot I am, wait, I mean old… that was the word.

How did you find MuleSoft?

  • Nahuel Lofeudo, a fellow Muley, worked on my team at Travelocity and quit to come to MuleSoft. As a result, I hated MuleSoft! Little did I know I’d be here too.

Meet a Muley – Jose Sahad, Software Engineer

January 31 2014

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Happy Friday!

For this week’s Meet a Muley post, we thought we’d take advantage of José Sahad being in the SF office for the week. José comes from Buenos Aires and is Lead Developer, or in more exciting terms, a Software Engineer on the Connectors team. Read on to hear about how he ended up in engineering and his interesting quest for a cure to an all too common problem.

First thought that came to mind when you looked into the mirror today?

  • Where did the hair go?

How did you find MuleSoft?

  • Actually, they had the honor of finding me :] It was during a hiring event. My first thought was: “Why should I work for them? Everyone uses bittorrent now.”

Meet a Muley – Dillon Compton, Product Manager, API Platform and Tools

January 24 2014

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With all the hype around APIs this week, we thought we’d chat with Dillon Compton, Product Manager for API Platform and Tools. Read on to learn about his transition from engineering to product marketing, his award-winning grocery bagging skills, and the challenges he faces here at MuleSoft.

First thought that came to mind when you looked into the mirror today?

  • Why am I awake this early? Seriously, it was 5am.

How did you find MuleSoft?

  • A friend of mine recruited me to join his project at MuleSoft, and I quickly became enamored.

How did you first get interested in your field?

  • I’ve always loved computers and got into coding in high school, and in college did an internship with a major software company. My first week I shipped code to production that is used by millions of people a day, and from that moment on I was hooked on software. Once I became a Software Engineer I realized that I cared more about the solutions we were creating than the code that was powering them, so I transitioned into Product Management.

Meet a Muley – James Donelan, VP Engineering

November 14 2013

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In case you missed last week’s Meet a Muley post (featuring Eva, our Senior Java Developer) we’ve started a new weekly series! Every Friday we’ll introduce you to a new member of the MuleSoft team to give you some insight into what we’re all about.

This week we’ll be chatting with James Donelan, our VP of Engineering. When we chose James for this post, we immediately agreed that there needed to be some sort of voice recording for you all to truly understand why everyone loves to listen to James. And we found one!