Man in the Mirror, Apple’s Security Flaw, and the Importance of Unit Testing

The “Man-in-the-Middle” attack is such a well-recognized security risk, with established solutions and preventative measures in place that when I first heard about the recent ruckus around the Apple security flaw, I thought Apple’s trouble was more legal in natural, maybe some sort of royalties dispute between iTunes and the Michael Jackson estate. Only later did I found out what all the fuss was about “in the middle”,

The Developer Testing Paradox


Over the years, I’ve seen many different testing styles while doing software development. Each one has unique characteristics, and some developers can identify themselves with more than one probably. I would like to go over all the different styles and point the effect it has over the project.

Dynamic port testing in Mule 3

November 16 2010


I wanted to write about a little project I have been working on which I added to the Mule testing framework recently: dynamic port testing.  As long as I have been working on the Mule ESB project, we have had weird random intermittent test failures which fail with a message like this:

Most of the time, the condition is not reproducible and re-running the test again would pass.  After a lot of investigation/poking around,

Tcat Alerting: not your grandfather’s Ops tool

November 15 2010


We all recognize the need for both server and application monitoring in a production environment and Tcat Server makes this easy. However, the development and QA process can also benefit from this feature.

At MuleSoft I’m often asked to write small one-off webapps for different parts of our internal infrastructure — often they are interim solutions or somewhat experimental; since these are somewhat less critical applications, at best I’ll create some unit tests,