Security in the Cloud: Protecting Your Applications


Security around public cloud offerings has always been a major point of concern (and controversy) for users. How do cloud providers protect customer data? How is log data protected? How is the surrounding infrastructure secured? We previous talked about how iON stays up and running even through EC2 outages. Today, we will talk about iON security to show how we protect customer information and the infrastructure used in building iON.

Mule iON: Integrating SaaS Applications with On-premise Data using the Secure Data Gateway


Integrating SaaS or Cloud applications with on-premise databases may seem straight forward enough at first pass but can be challenging if you don’t have the right approach.

Cloud applications like provide APIs that can easily be used to integrate with your on-premise applications or databases. For example, using MuleSoft’s Cloud Connector, developers can easily set up a process which polls for changes in their Salesforce org and synchronizes the data with a local database instance.