How to Use Platform Events with MuleSoft’s Salesforce Connector

November 2 2017

salesforce connector

Salesforce introduced Platform Events with its Summer ‘17 release (API v40). While the Anypoint Connector for Salesforce has supported Streaming API Events, the following description from Salesforce might be helpful to understand the difference between Platform Events and Streaming API Events.

Durable Streaming API with MuleSoft Salesforce Connector

November 15 2016


Salesforce introduced the Streaming API with its Spring ‘16 release (API v36). It was a neat feature since Salesforce users don’t have to poll or periodically call Salesforce to check any updates in their objects. One important limitation with API v36 was that the Streaming API (API v36) doesn’t guarantee durability and reliable delivery of notifications. However, Salesforce added message reliability and message durability in its API v37. We are excited to announce the release of Salesforce Connector v8.0.0 which supports the Durable Streaming API.

Salesforce Integration Patterns


When it comes to getting data in and out of Salesforce using Anypoint Platform, there are a number of different options. Typically, using just one of them won’t give you everything you need and you might have to combine a number of them to to achieve a complete solution. In this post, we’ll summarize 4 options – Realtime, Custom, Bulk, and Data Virtualization – when to use which, and things to keep in mind for each.