Join us at the Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit next week!

December 2 2016

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The theme of next week’s event is, “Step up to a New Business Reality”; a theme quite relevant to all of us planning for 2017 and looking back on the triumphs and challenges of 2016. As we gear up for the new year, MuleSoft is excited to join Gartner at this premiere event to help enterprises plan for and achieve their business transformation goals for 2017 and to accelerate the speed of innovation to match the growing needs of the business and customer expectations.

Check out MuleSoft at Dreamforce ‘16!

October 4 2016

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We’re thrilled to be back at Dreamforce ‘16 with an exciting agenda for everything APIs, MuleSoft and Salesforce. We have exciting sessions, great partners supporting us, MuleSoft experts to talk to you about anything connectivity, and of course, fantastic giveaways!

Dreamforce session highlights:


Dreamforce Demo: How to use a wearable device to transform patient care

September 30 2016

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We are planning an exciting presence at Dreamforce this year, with great sessions, relevant speakers, and cool demos. We are particularly excited about a demo built by MuleSoft product manager Anton Kravchenko that jumpstarts the development of common healthcare applications around systems like, Epic, Fitbit and Salesforce Health Cloud.

Webinar: Accelerating Innovation with MuleSoft Catalyst for Healthcare

September 23 2016

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Webinar- Accelerating Innovation with MuleSoft Catalyst for Healthcare

Catalyst Accelerate for Healthcare webinar is now available to watch on demand.

Slides are also available now, click here to view them.

The combination of legislative, technological, and market pressures has created a digital transformation imperative in healthcare.

For healthcare IT teams, addressing this imperative requires the the ability to expose and orchestrate data between clinical and non-clinical systems, while doing so in a way that promotes reuse and accelerates project delivery.

Webinar: The Future of EDI

August 18 2016

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future of edi webinar banner

If you work with EDI on a regular basis, you know that it is a technology that often doesn’t keep up with the modern enterprise’s needs for integration and scalability. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re excited to be presenting a webinar with Redwood Logistics who have created a new platform with MuleSoft that makes B2B communication easier for their customers.

What is EDI? It stands for Electronic Data Interchange, and is how businesses engage with one another to enable business to business communication.

Webinar: CIOs and CISOs – Enable Security By Design

Security by design webinar banner

Learn how to align security and agility

In some organizations, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has earned a reputation inside of IT as a blocker or a hindrance to innovation.  Some CISOs have even be referred to as the ‘Queen (or King) of No.’  Why?  Because despite the massive amounts of attention being paid to security in the media, with Target, Apple, Nissan, and Twitter all making the news recently for their security failures, security is still considered an afterthought in most IT projects.  As a result, by the time security professionals get involved in project delivery, they have no choice but to flag security gaps that often require impractical redesign — resulting in project delays at best and cancellation at worst.

Upcoming webinar: B2B/EDI and the agile supply chain

Agile supply chain

If you think the world is becoming more complex, you are probably right. One place where this is readily apparent is the supply chain industry. It used to be that a typical supply chain was made up of 5 or 6 suppliers. Now, thanks to specialized manufacturing and globalization, a supply chain might have hundreds of partners with complex relationships. This has had profound consequences on numerous industries, notably retail, logistics, and manufacturing.

Upcoming webinar: What going digital really means for IT

IT professional

Everybody wants to transform digitally. Our recent survey showed that 96% of businesses are either executing digital transformation initiatives or are planning to start them soon. This is ideal for companies that are looking to improve their processes, delight their customers and stakeholders, and bring new products and services to market to keep ahead of digital disruption.

Upcoming webinar: The value of integration and what we learned from our customers

Every company must become a technology company.” How many times have we heard this? It might be a truism, but it’s one that’s actually true – digital transformation strategies need to be woven into every activity an enterprise undertakes, not shunted off into IT or the digital department.

Your checklist for CONNECT!

CONNECT, MuleSoft’s conference focused on digital business, will be here in less than a week! Are you ready for the event? Here’s your checklist to make sure.

  • Register for CONNECT, and do it quickly, before tickets sell out! Make sure you use the code (mktg-blog-10) for a 10% discount on the ticket price.
  • Book a hotel room. Rooms fill up fast, so don’t procrastinate.
  • Review the agenda and add sessions you’re interested in to your calendar.