Mule and JAXB: turning an XSD file into an XML Fiesta!


Hello friends! How’s it going?

Has the following ever happened to you? You show up to work one morning and your boss tells you, “I need you to take this data and turn it into XML.” Well, this has happened to me, and in this blog post I’m going to show you how to do this quickly.

Accelerate integrating with APIs using Mule and the DevKit

November 1 2011

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We spent a good portion of 2011 working about our Cloud Connect initiative. That initiative has brought us the wonderful Cloud Connect DevKit, a brand-new MuleForge and lots of cloud connectors. We are extremely pleased with how all turned out and we think that the Cloud Connect DevKit played a huge part into the success that Cloud Connect has become. We felt truly in love with the way you can turn a POJO into a fully feature Cloud Connector.

As a matter of fact we love it so much that we decided to expand that development philosophy to everything Mule. Hence, we are are proud to introduce… the DevKit. The new DevKit is much more flexible than ever before, and we extended its hooks from Cloud Connectors to Mule Modules in general. Let me give you a quick tour of what is it all about.