Step inside MuleSoft, a Best Place to Work in the Bay Area

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This week, MuleSoft was named the #6 Best Place to Work in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times, our 5th time making the list. In my role leading global talent marketing, awards like this mean a lot to me personally because they validate all the work the company puts into building an incredible workplace for everyone. It’s not because we get a trophy (which is on display in our lobby,

How MuleSoft engineers are growing their careers in the field in Buenos Aires

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Our Buenos Aires office is home to our Engineering hub, and a large portion of our Buenos Aires team are developers and engineers. However, what you may not realize is that a growing number of them are actually not on our Engineering team at all. They are working directly with our customers on solving some of the biggest integration challenges they have that impact their business, and at the same time, partnering with the Engineering team to influence our product and provide feedback straight from the customer.

Muleys share how our core values define our culture

mulesoft core values culture

At MuleSoft, we value what we call “Muley DNA,”  which are four core values that guide us to be better, help us inspire each other, and drive us to build an amazing company. These four values have always defined us and are our North Star––from when we were a small startup with big ideas to now, as one of the fastest technology companies.

MuleSoft at MuleSoft: Building integrations to accelerate sales compensation

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Hi, I’m Henry and I lead the Global Sales Compensation team at MuleSoft. My team and I create and operationalize the company’s sales compensation plans, determine quotas, and provide critical feedback on sales performance across all sales functions.

Meet a Muley: Avi Karnon, VP Global Support

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In his three years at MuleSoft, Avi has grown from Senior Director to VP of Global Support, building his team to solve the major technology challenges our customers face!

Meet a Muley: Gonzalo Ozdy, Services Engineer

gonzalo ozdy mulesoft

Gonzalo joined MuleSoft’s Buenos Aires office in January 2017 and since then, he has been rocking the Global Services team as a Services Engineer.

How we celebrated International Women’s Day around the world

International Women’s Day is an opportunity for us to globally celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day initially started as a way to progress women’s rights to vote, and it has since become a day to mark the achievements of women, as well as acknowledge what we can do as a society to further progress the role of women in society. At MuleSoft, we took this day as an opportunity to celebrate women who have inspired us.

3 ways MuleSoft’s Account Development team prepares you for a career in sales

I have wanted to be a salesperson ever since a Silicon Valley CEO guest lectured my favorite college class at UC Berkeley. “We’re always selling,” she said. “If you want to be a leader of any kind of organization, you need to build credibility and learn how to influence people.” I knew I wanted to be a leader, so I figured that that launching my career in a sales organization would challenge my intellect, broaden my understanding of business,

MuleSoft named one of the top best places to work in the UK

We are excited to announce that MuleSoft’s UK offices – in London and Reading – have been named best places to work in the UK by the Sunday Times. We opened our first office in EMEA in London and, just last year, we expanded to Reading. Today, we have a number of offices across the EMEA region, including Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

MeetUp 2018 through the eyes of Muleys

mulesoft meetup

As a fast-growing company, one of the biggest challenges we face is how to maintain our close-knit, collaborative culture as we scale. About 9 years ago, our then 24-person, globally distributed team gathered in San Francisco for one week of face-to-face working sessions and team building, planting the seeds for an event that would later become a core driver in maintaining global connectedness—MeetUp.