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This year, our MuleSoft Community showed up like never before, championing collaboration and creativity on the daily. Though most of our community events were online this year, we still felt such a strong sense of togetherness with this group in seeing how they supported one another with resources, insights, and expertise.   

From how-to’s to community news, see the top 10 community pieces from the last year below. 

1. How to connect to LDAPS using Java by Jose Ramon Huerga

In this article, Jose Ramon Huerga shares a Mule flow that uses custom Java to connect LDAPs with TLS communication mechanisms. It’s a can’t-miss piece if you’re finding a workaround with potential limitations of the currently-available LDAP connector. 

2. 4 ways to check if an array contains empty values in DataWeave 2.0 by Alexandra Martinez

MuleSoft Community member turned Muley, Alexandra Martinez, shares four different solutions to identify empty values in an array that she’s perfected after trial and error. 

3. How to create a custom connector using Mule SDK by Gaurav Sethi

Create your own custom connector using the new Mule SDK platform for Mule Runtime 4 with this helpful step-by-step guide. 

4. How and when to implement dedicated load balancers by Jitendra Bafna

Dedicated load balancers are a component of Anypoint Platform that enables you to route external HTTP and HTTPS traffic to multiple Mule applications. This article from Jitendra Bafna shows you how and when to implement them.

5. Introducing the 2021 MuleSoft Ambassador cohort!

Though this news launched earlier in 2021, we are still thrilled to showcase our MuleSoft Ambassadors and Ambassadress for the year! These 8 MuleSoft developers and architects are true MuleSoft experts who mentor our community through Meetups, high-quality content, and more. 

6. 7 use cases for AWS and MuleSoft by Aaron Lieberman

By layering AWS and MuleSoft you can expand the possibilities of the solutions to get the very best of both worlds. This article from Aaron Lieberman covers seven use cases to unlock the full potential with AWS and MuleSoft. 

7. Introducing 120+ new MuleSoft Mentors!

This year, we announced 120 (!!) new MuleSoft Mentors from around the globe who are helping our community members expand and share their technical skills and knowledge. These Mentors are world-class architects and developers who are providing resources and support to the community. Be sure to check out the list and connect with these Mentors! 

8. Your guide to MUnit testing strategies and test coverage by Mary Joy Sabal

Humans make mistakes — but when it comes to building applications, these mistakes can be expensive and risky. Mary Joy Sabal shares how to reduce the risk of human error with testing strategies and test coverage with MUnit.

9. How MuleSoft Training and Certification opened the door to an exciting career by Olga Kepa

Olga Kepa shares her story of how she came from a background in physics and engineering and shaped her career to move into development, eventually becoming a MuleSoft developer. She also shares some helpful resources and insights that helped her along the way. Get ready to get inspired! 

10. Announcing the MuleSoft Hackathon 2021 winners

This year, we saw some incredible Hackathon submissions that showcased our community’s expertise and creativity. This piece highlights the first, second, and third place winners of the Hackathon as well as the category honorable mentions. 

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Thank you to our MuleSoft Community

Though these are the top 10 posts from 2021, don’t miss the many other incredible pieces from our community on the blog. Be sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter so you don’t miss a beat. 

And most importantly, from everyone at MuleSoft, we extend our gratitude and love to our MuleSoft Community! Thank you to our incredible community members for your tireless efforts to provide resources and support to one another. To more exciting announcements, community news, and how-to’s in 2022!