Putting our culture of innovation into practice

November 4 2016

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Twice a year, MuleSoft hosts an internal hackathon to allow teams to focus on passion projects and unique ways of using our platform. Last week, we hosted our second hackathon of the year with the theme Scaling MuleSoft.

“Hackathons are a great way to have engineers bring new ideas that they can turn into products, improve our existing products, try out new technologies, and mainly have fun,” says Mariano Capurro, VP of Engineering at MuleSoft. “It is incredible to see how many of the projects end up as part of our products after each hackathon.”

Committing to operational excellence: Our journey to Infrastructure as Code

August 12 2016

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At MuleSoft, we are committed to customer success by investing in product and engineering operational excellence. The faster we can innovate/produce new features, the better equipped our customers are at enabling IT and transforming their businesses. One of the ways we’ve been able to move faster is by migrating to Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

Building a New Software Category

May 11 2016

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When every person carries an always-connected, multi-core computer in their pocket, when there are sensors on every street light and hundreds of sensors in every car, every company must become a tech company. In this post we will explain how the engineering team is building an entirely new category of software to enable this transformation.

MuleSoft Open House

April 25 2016

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Last year, while we were discussing sponsoring an organization supporting women in technology, an idea came up: doing something ourselves. We thought about what we wished we had known before starting our careers and all agreed we would have liked to know upfront what the job looked like: what work we could actually do, which roles we could have and how was the day to day in a tech company. An open house seemed like a great way to show what life in MuleSoft is like, so we invited students in technology related careers to visit our offices in Buenos Aires and get a glimpse at the tech world.

Introducing MuleSoft Anyparty Platform

April 1 2016

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At MuleSoft, the premier connectivity company of the 21st century, we always take a comprehensive, holistic view of integration. We are not just here to connect your ERP, CRM, ACD, or HRS. We are also here to integrate your employees to help them live happy, API-led lives so they are more productive for your composable enterprise.

Connect Anything. Party Everywhere.

Today, too many people rely on P2P, “Person-to-Person,” integration to connect with each other. But once there are too many people, P2P is simply not scalable and will just lead to spaghetti relationships.

MuleSoft at MuleSoft: Making email groups elegant

December 10 2015

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No one likes doing manual and repetitive tasks, or at least we don’t. That’s how our latest integration started. I’m on the IT team here at MuleSoft, and I noticed that our field team (i.e. anyone who makes commission based pay) was generating a large number of tickets based around distribution lists/email groups. The problem was simple: there had been no existing structure; each regional VP had set up their own groups; none of those groups had consistent names so they were also impossible to find; and most of the existing groups were inaccurate. The untidy structure meant that invariably every new field employee generated at least 2-3 tickets in order to refine the groups they were a member of.

Upcoming Webinar: How MuleSoft IT Uses Anypoint Platform

December 1 2015

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One of the challenges that fast-growing enterprises face is building an IT infrastructure that meets the needs of both today and the future. Faced with the same challenge of rapid growth at MuleSoft, we have deployed our own tool, Anypoint Platform, to decouple core systems and enable the automation of core business processes.

Mike Hamilton, the Director of IT at MuleSoft, will be presenting a webinar on December 3, 2015 at 10 AM Pacific called “Secrets from the Inside: How MuleSoft IT Uses Anypoint Platform.”

Announcing our brand new documentation platform and developer forums

September 9 2015

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We are very happy today to unveil today not one, but two major updates across the MuleSoft developer experience: 1.) our brand new documentation platform, and 2.) a totally revamped developer forum.

A brand new doc platform

Developer Spotlight: How we made BattleBots

This post is the last in a three-part series covering the IoT projects that came out of our first internal hackathon of the year, and that we had on display at our first Integration of Things Zone at CONNECT 2015. Missed us there? Don’t fret, not only will you get a sense of the cool installations we built by reading the piece below, but we also share some of the code and tips that went into making them a reality. For now, step into the ring and see how we let people control Darwin Mini robots via an iPad, a Moto 360 smartwatch and even the good old internet to make them do handstands, the horse dance, as well as kick miniature footballs around.

Developer Spotlight: How we made Muletallica

July 28 2015

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This post is the second in a three-part series covering the IoT projects that came out our first internal hackathon of the year and that we had on display at our first Integration of Things Zone at CONNECT 2015. Missed us there? No worries, not only will you get a sense of the cool installations we built below, you’ll also get a front row seat as to how we built them, and with what technologies. So for now, put on your favorite rock star jeans, and jump in the mosh pit to learn how the team built Muletallica, an interactive visual/musical experience for our conference attendees that connected devices like Leap Motion and smart light bulbs with electric guitars, and a bell pepper.