18 things Muleys are excited for in 2018

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Last year was definitely an exciting time to be a Muley—kicking off 2017 with an IPO, witnessing awesome customer outcomes, announcing major product releases, and being named one of the best places to work in both the Bay Area and Buenos Aires.

It’s a lot to live up to! But there’s never a dull moment at MuleSoft, and 2018 has even more awesome things in store. Personally, as someone responsible for helping tell our story to candidates, I’m really excited to meet all the new people joining this year and learning their stories about why they joined us and what makes them unique.

So what are other Muleys excited about? We asked 18 Muleys all over the world what they’re  looking forward to this year. Check out their thoughts below!


“I’m looking forward to continuing my journey at MuleSoft as an Information Security Analyst. Just 7 months ago, I was an intern and now I am a full-time employee hitting my 1-year mark in July. I am excited to continue growing with the company, bonding with Muleys, and, most importantly, ensuring everyone’s data is safe in 2018. On a related note, I’m also really excited to see the impact that blockchain technology will have on the world (and my wallet!) in 2018.”

— Moiz Qureshi, IT Operations Engineer – InfoSec Analyst, San Francisco


“What excites me most about this new year is the release of Mule 4, which has been an enormous effort and a great milestone. I contributed to these releases thinking exclusively of delivering the best product and experience for our users, so I’m looking forward to seeing how happy it makes our customers when they begin to use and benefit from them.”

— Esteban Wasinger, Software Engineer, Buenos Aires


“2018 will be a new awareness in a new market! Being on the Account Development team in Singapore covering Mainland China, I am looking forward to working with our professional China team and partners, as well as our customers in China. 

— Catherine Zhao, Strategic Account Development Manager, Singapore

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“In 2018, I’m most excited about growing our East Region and New York office in NoMad! Now that we are finally settled in, I’m excited to bring in new hires and give them a real NYC Muley experience—our NY office has its own fun activities like monthly happy hours and birthday celebrations, and we just started monthly yoga classes and massages for everyone on the team!”

— Leanne Wright, Executive Assistant and Office Manager, New York


“I’m excited to hear the new customer stories from our growing Muley family at CONNECT ’18!”

—Brett Roeder, Principal Client Architect, Atlanta


“We continued to add to our marketing team in Sydney in 2017 in our brand new office, so I’m excited to define our culture as a marketing organization in Sydney, expand our marketing team presence in Asia, and continue to capitalize on the incredible market opportunity in front of us. “

— Marcus Rossato, Director of APAC Marketing, Sydney


“I’m most excited by all the Developer Community MuleSoft Meetups! It’s great seeing our users get together to share their experience, tips and tricks, all around the world.”

—Sabrina Marechal, Developer Community Manager, San Francisco

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“I’m really excited to move into our new office space at the end of January and to start our office bowling league to break up the harsh Chicago winter!”

—Chris Hermann, Strategic Account Executive, Chicago


“This will be definitely the year in which our customers will discover new potentials of our platform, a time when they see how their IT projects gain escape velocity, showing the real difference between trying the same things over and over and using our powerful solutions. I can’t wait to see those projects come to life!”

— Adrian Pineyro, Support Team Lead, Buenos Aires


“I am so excited to get to know our users even better in 2018 by doing more customer visits and understanding their suggestions and feedback so I can make their lives easier.”

— Maryam Kazerooni, Senior UX Designer, San Francisco

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“2018 will be a challenging, but I believe it will be one of the best years for MuleSoft. Meetup is coming up soon, it’s going to be legend-… wait for it… dary! There will be new opportunities and challenges for the company in 2018, but luckily we have the secret sauce to tackle these: Muleys! There is nothing more exciting than watching your family grow (we’re at 18+ offices across the world now!) with high caliber, exceptional people. I have to say, I am anxious to live the future of MuleSoft and continue to see how we all build this great company together.”

—Fernando Melone, Channel Pre-Sales, London


“In addition to growing my career at MuleSoft, what I am most excited about this year is being a part of a team where our work directly impacts the future sales growth of the company. From continuing to scale the programs we have in place today to solving all the challenges we don’t even know about yet –I can’t wait!”  

— Shina Vohra, Sales Enablement Associate, San Francisco


“2018 will be a new era and bring new challenges for everyone at MuleSoft! I worked on the Engineering Team for 4 years in Buenos Aires, and now I’m part of the Global Services Team. This family is getting bigger and stronger. We have a fresh, young spirit that wants to change and improve everything, including volunteer opportunities to help our community, and events to close the gender gap in IT working with organizations like Chicas en Tecnologia.”

—Eleonora Ortega, Senior Services Engineer, Buenos Aires

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“I transferred to San Francisco from Buenos Aires last year, and I’m really excited to discover new experiences in this great city and to get to know my San Francisco colleagues better.”

— Sebastian Sampaoli, Senior Software Engineer, San Francisco


“This year will be a great one for Content Marketing! I look forward to continuing to showcase MuleSoft’s value prop and our customer stories––whether it is through the written word, data, or visual media! I am most excited about creating bite-sized visual content that tells the story of MuleSoft and the impact it has!”

— Ruba Aleryani, Content Marketing Associate, San Francisco


“I’m really excited to be the first AD in Melbourne and to be a fundamental part of driving new opportunities there. It’s amazing to see what Mulesoft has accomplished over such a short time, and to see where we are going to go in 2018 and beyond is so cool to be a part of! To be on a team still pretty early on in its development is cool because I know I can truly make an impact.”

— Lewis Baird, Account Development Representative, Melbourne


“In 2017, I had the opportunity to interact in a conversational agent project on the Office of the CTO team. Since then, I have always been looking for a use case where I can apply artificial intelligence (the branch where I do research and I will do my PhD) at MuleSoft. So 2018 will be a great year for tackling new horizons!”

—Martin Rey, Associate Software Engineer – Performance Team, Buenos Aires


“I am most excited about being on the Talent team at a company that’s growing, it’s really exciting to see the impact of your work first-hand with every awesome new Muley that joins us. Last year, I was promoted to an Associate Recruiter role, and this year my role comes with even more responsibilities, and I can’t wait to tackle them and support the business!”

— Brian Tao, Associate Recruiter, San Francisco

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