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It’s hard to believe that, less than a year ago, I had just arrived as a new Muley at MuleSoft’s annual all-company offsite, MeetUp, in San Diego for a week with my new colleagues from all over the world. I had the warmest welcome from some of the brightest people I’ve ever met. It was extraordinary to feel a part of something much bigger than myself, and see first-hand every Muley’s high energy, tenacity, and drive to better themselves.

On a personal level, I came in as an RVP for FS&I and now run all of the UK & Ireland region. The pace of change is incredible, and you can feel that energy across the organisation. You never know what challenge is around the corner.

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The driver of this rapid pace of change is the market MuleSoft leads in; it’s evolving faster than ever, which means, as a Field organisation, we are constantly evaluating our processes and core competencies to drive impact on the business and our customers. In other words, is this the best we can do? It’s an exhilarating process to be a part of.

Tackling a huge market opportunity

It’s also what excited me the most as a sales leader when I first started interviewing at MuleSoft. Companies today have loads of software and data everywhere, adding new bits of software and applications each day, which is a nightmare for IT. Mastering connectivity is essential for any business to have a competitive edge and stay hyper-productive and agile.

Most enterprise software companies need a unified solution that allows them to make connectivity not only easy, but highly scalable. At MuleSoft, we sell more than software. We’re selling a market-leading platform, along with the methodology to enable customers to fundamentally reshape how they think about their technology architecture and drive tangible outcomes.

It’s remarkable to see that every company today could benefit from what MuleSoft has to offer because companies need to innovate through APIs in order to stay competitive––whether it’s FinTechs, retailers, or consumer goods companies. We work with over 1,200 enterprises that are changing how they operate and have become massively disruptive as a result. Spotify is raising the bar for digital music services, and MuleSoft allows them to scale and evolve their platform for millions of users seamlessly. Siemens uses MuleSoft to manage a highly complex network of devices, vendors, and suppliers to bend to UK climate change regulations. House of Fraser is undergoing a digital transformation to drastically improve profit margins and improve the customer experience.

Even with a vast portfolio of European customers, we’ve barely scratched the surface on the amount of impact we can drive for enterprises all over Europe with our technology.

Growing a culture of owners

Being at the heart of our expansion in Europe is energising, and having the team together is core to our culture; it makes coming into the office all the more rewarding. Our office sits in the center of the City of London.

We’re truly investing in our growth in EMEA by hiring across every function in London, Amsterdam, Reading (which we opened earlier this year), and in our newest office in Cologne, Germany. Hiring is our number 1 priority; it defines our culture and our future. Our investment in hiring means that every new person we add to the team takes ownership of their role and sees everything as an opportunity for improvement; it’s that passion and drive that is palpable from the minute you set foot in our offices.

As a company, we all own the culture, and it’s up to us to uphold it. We have four core values that make up a Muley’s “DNA,” but “Own it” is one I take to heart. We think company-first, and really own our roles so success is truly in our hands. Teams are encouraged to go into customer meetings with a strong point of view. As a salesperson, you own your territory and drive the end-to-end strategy.

When you see something wrong or something that needs to be changed, executive staff is just a Slack message away, and everyone on the team is receptive to feedback. By imparting ownership on every Muley in the organisation, we not only make an impact on our customers, but on our own business as well.

Being in the SaaS business, customer success is vital, and everyone in the organisation is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations in every interaction. Everyone, from Account Development to Professional Services and Support, takes ownership over our customers’ success. In London, we have roles covering all departments in our Field organisation––from Account Development, Customer Success, and Marketing to, technical teams like Pre-Sales, Support, and Services. Every part of the Sales cycle is done collaboratively – right here on the ground – making it a close and collaborative team.

Join us in London and the rest of EMEA

From the first conversation I had on the phone with a recruiter to having a final face-to-face interview with our CEO––everyone I met through the hiring process was so passionate about MuleSoft and the company’s vision. It was infectious and made me really want to be a part of it. When the CEO takes the time to speak with you personally about why they care so much about who they hire, you know this is a high-performing group of people.

Whether you’re a tenured salesperson or just starting your career, I haven’t come across a company with as much energy and opportunity as I have here at MuleSoft. We’re looking for more high-performing sales people to help us grow throughout Europe. I invite you to explore our open positions in London, Reading, Amsterdam, Cologne, and across the globe and apply today.

We look forward to hearing from you!