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Working at MuleSoft brings a lot of new, unique challenges every day—partly because we’re building this company together for scale, and partly because we’re solving this with technology that is fundamentally changing the way our customers do business.

The only way that we’re able to solve these unique challenges with a gritty, well-enabled Sales team. Sales at MuleSoft is a team sport, and our Account Executives, in particular, play a critical role in defining our go-to-market strategy––working with customers across every industry imaginable.

We reached out to 10 account executives working on the MuleSoft Sales team to find out: what gets them out of bed every morning, excited to take on some of the biggest challenges in the industry?

Some of them have been here for just a year, and some for eight; some work in our San Francisco HQ, others are across the globe––from London and Sydney to Amsterdam and New York. Check out what our Account Executives had to say!

1. Brigid Fox

Enterprise Account Executive, London. 5 years at MuleSoft.

“I can’t think of a better place to start my career in Sales than MuleSoft. I joined 5 years ago, and – from my very first role as an Account Development Representative through to my current position as an Enterprise Account Executive – my managers have trusted me not to not only achieve my quota, but to also build something that will enable the business to grow faster and to be more efficient. The opportunity to be in the driver’s seat has enabled me to grow and learn as a professional.”

1. Steve Jennings

Strategic Account Executive, London. 4 years at MuleSoft.

“There’s a lot more accountability on you – as the individual – as opposed to the larger organization where there might be more overlay teams. You are very much running that territory, that campaign, and coordinating across the wider organization in relation to that account or opportunity. As part of that, it’s down to you to drive the strategy. Sales leadership will always provide support, but you are truly driving the success and outcomes of your account.”

2. Simeon Meldrum-Taylor

Strategic Account Executive, Chicago. 3 years at MuleSoft. 

“There are several things that stand out to me, but if I had to boil them down, the top three things would be:

  1. The way the organization sets the sales team up for success. Enablement and training are a huge focus for the organization. This allows you, as a salesperson, to build your own skill set and learn from the best folks in the company.
  2. The solution sale. Although we sell connectivity software, we do not approach our customers with a simple message on how we can help them ‘connect A to B;’ rather, we provide tangible, sizable, and measurable business impact. Much more interesting to execute.
  3. Compensation. If you’re good at what you do you can have earnings at the top of the industry.”

mulesoft sales team

3. Matt Mathis

Strategic Account Executive, Atlanta. 4+ years at MuleSoft. 

“As MuleSoft Account Executives, we have the opportunity to directly impact two key fundamentals aspects of the company each day. First, we impact our customers’ business success and, second, we impact the growth of MuleSoft as a company. I appreciate that we work in a culture that values not just the near-term results, but also the long-term success of each of these tracks. With a clear shared vision and confidence in my teammates across all company functions, the opportunity at MuleSoft is truly unique.”

4. Jeremy Auerbach

Enterprise Account Executive, Sydney, Australia. 1 year at MuleSoft.

“Working at MuleSoft isn’t just about the freedom you get to run your own territory and develop unique customer strategies. It’s also the confidence that a world class platform and team are backing you up. A lot of companies claim to be able to enable transformation, but MuleSoft actually delivers on that both through the technology and approach we stand by. This offers the opportunity to make a difference with every conversation and provides a level of belief that I’ve never had in previous roles.”

5. Gence Emek

Enterprise Account Executive, London. 2+ years at MuleSoft.

“One of the main elements that has helped me grow at an unprecedented rate – personally and professionally – is the level of ownership each person is given and the trust to drive results and make a mark on the company. MuleSoft is a meritocratic and supportive environment. When working as an Account Executive at MuleSoft, ambitious and driven people can make their mark on the business––enabling them to influence and guide the mindset of companies and even industries early in their career. It’s a great place to build the skills you need to become a future business leader or entrepreneur.”

6. Karim Tarmohamed 

Strategic Account Executive, New York. 4+ years at MuleSoft. 

“To me, MuleSoft is a company that has figured out how to fire on all cylinders. The barrier to entry is steep, which results in a high level of talent quality across all functions of the organization. I get to work with some of the best and brightest minds across Customer Success, Services, Product, and Solutions Consulting teams. With these teams, we partner with our clients to help create an alternative future state – underpinned by MuleSoft – that will enable organizations across industries to drive real business outcomes. It’s amazing to know that we are front and center in helping our clients realize this change.”

7. Glen Berry

Strategic Account Executive, San Francisco via London. 7+ years at MuleSoft

“The best thing about working in Sales at MuleSoft is the culture. Every member of the team is supportive of one another. Whether it is sharing potential leads, or taking the time to feedback success stories to the broader team––you can rely on the people around you to do what is in the best interest of the company. In addition, I love that MuleSoft is as focused on my personal development as I am. When I made the decision to move to the U.S., my management team was very supportive and did all they could to make it happen. It showed me that the company treats each employee as an individual, and wants to aid in growth wherever they can.”

mulesoft sales team

8. Mattie McGowen

Commercial Account Executive, San Francisco. 2 years at MuleSoft. 

“From my first interview with MuleSoft to now, two years later, I am still impressed by the caliber of people that I have the privilege to work with every day. I interact with many cross-functional groups and everyone brings their bright ideas to every meeting. The Account Executive position is such a dynamic role where I’m constantly being challenged to think outside the box and put myself in my customers’ shoes––and I couldn’t do it without all of the insight and collaboration I get from working with surrounding teams.”

9. Con Yannakena

Enterprise Account Executive, Melbourne, Australia. 2 years at MuleSoft. 

“I love that the conversation is focused on solving what is considered the biggest challenge in IT. This conversation usually starts at the executive level. It leads to broad engagements with customers that are transforming their business and understand connectivity to be a core element for success. Witnessing customers achieve their outcomes reinforces the MuleSoft approach and perpetuates the motivation for taking our proposition to other customers.”

10. Judith Hoek

Strategic Account Executive, Amsterdam. 1 year at MuleSoft. 

“What I like most about working at MuleSoft is that I can push myself in areas that are unknown to me. I love having the freedom to experiment and the permission to fail, yet still be supported. Selling the Mulesoft solution to a customer provides them with real business outcomes, and gives an energy boost. Not only for me and my colleagues, but also for the customer! To work with a diverse group of people is great, as MuleSoft is truly a global company. For example, once a month we host a lunch to discover food from different cultures, together with my colleagues from across the world who now work for MuleSoft at the Amsterdam office.”

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