6 Muleys share why MuleSoft is one of the best workplaces in the Bay Area

As an intern for the past month at MuleSoft in San Francisco, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to experience the company’s culture firsthand. While collaborating with the Field and Marketing teams on my projects, I find myself constantly learning from the people around me. Everyone here is whip-smart and eager to help out, so when I learned that MuleSoft had been named a best workplace in the Bay Area for the sixth year in a row, I can’t say I was surprised.

I found the news particularly exciting because MuleSoft is now a Salesforce company, and Salesforce just won Fortune’s #1 best place to work award. It’s amazing to think about how these two great workplaces are joining forces and creating an even more awesome work environment.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to interview people in the San Francisco office so I spoke with Muleys from six different teams. As a rapidly expanding company with teams that have diverse talents and backgrounds, it was great to hear employees from different parts of the business talk about how we strive to maintain a tight-knit community at work.

Take a look at some favorite memories from the office and why these Muleys wake up excited for a typical week at work.

What is your favorite memory of the MuleSoft San Francisco office?

1 – Tessa Colich, Director, Customer Success, San Francisco

“Having worked in the MuleSoft San Francisco office for over five and a half years, there are truly endless memories! Most of my favorite ones are those that involve my team and other Muleys. As the customer success team spends most of our day on customer calls and in meetings, we love nothing more than bonding as a team and having fun. We often take advantage of our office neighborhood in Union Square – where we have access to endless activities, including one of our team’s favorite spots – The Color Factory. The people here are the best. They’re smart, hard-working, kind, collaborative and overall wonderful people. Without a doubt, what makes MuleSoft the best place to work is the people.”

2 – Ching-Yi Lin, Software Engineering Intern, San Francisco

“I’ve been really enjoying my time as an intern at the San Francisco office. My coworkers are super inclusive, they invite me to all kinds of activities––from daily stand-up meetings and spring planning sessions to birthday parties and after work ping-pong games. There are also so many opportunities for new employees to meet people on other teams. Once a month, new Muleys make waffles for the office. My group participated in Waffle Wednesday during Pride month, so we all celebrated pride with waffles and colorful cookies! At MuleSoft, being inclusive is a day-to-day practice.”

3 – Alan Leung, lead Technical Recruiter at MuleSoft, current lead Technical Recruiter at Salesforce, San Francisco

“I have a lot of favorite memories from the MuleSoft San Francisco office, but my top one is probably the talent team holiday celebration last year. The team decorated a section on the third floor and everyone brought in secret Santa gifts. We did a group photo right before opening the presents and enjoying our holiday potluck. What made this moment especially memorable was getting to know one another through the secret Santa exchange. We learned about each other’s personal interests, and plans for over the holidays. Secret Santa was just one of many opportunities to enjoy the company of an awesome team!”

4 – Mae Limskun, Field Marketing Manager, San Francisco

“One of the things I like most about the San Francisco office is that it really feels like a tight-knit family. Even though we’re on different teams, we work together cross-functionally and become closer because of it. A favorite memory is when we found out one of our coworkers was expecting his second child, we got him this awesome cake that said ‘Keep Calm and Father On.’ It’s so nice to celebrate each other’s milestones and contribute to cultivating a workplace that I want to be a part of every day.”

On a Monday morning, what motivates you to get up and make it an awesome week at work?

5 – Aurore Wu, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, San Francisco

“I look forward to working with my MuleSoft colleagues every day because they’re passionate and smart, but above all, because they also truly live our values of being owners, being fearless, making it awesome, and being good humans. In the marketing department, we engage customers throughout the funnel, and we always look to reach our audience and communicate in a compelling way, helping them see that there is a proven path to solving their challenges. Our team touches every facet of the customer journey, bringing a broad set of expertise to the team. I can always lean on my colleagues and know that they are at the top of their game and helping the broader team.”

6 – Andrew Macallister, Senior IT Operations Architect

“I care a lot about what I do here at MuleSoft. It’s exciting to work at a company where you can align your passion for making both the business and our customers successful. With smart colleagues, a great product and the leadership vision to carry it forward, I couldn’t ask for more to make every day awesome.”

“I also got to attend the Top Workplaces event this year and had a great time. Over the course of my professional career, I’ve come to realize that great culture is never accidental. You have to constantly nurture and fight for a culture that benefits and attracts employees. Being surrounded by like-minded people from other companies was a good reminder to keep making it awesome and to seize the opportunity to drive excellence every day.”

After talking to people from different areas of the business, I can’t wait to spend more time learning from the team here this summer. Just from the conversations I’ve had with employees so far, Muleys really do look forward to a typical week at work. What I found most interesting about interviewing various team members, was that regardless of their team or position in the company, employees shared one common perspective – the people at MuleSoft make it awesome.

Interested in working for MuleSoft? We are hiring! Check our Careers site for a list of open positions in San Francisco and beyond.