Women engineers at MuleSoft: Solving interesting technology challenges

As MuleSoft continues to define a new category of software, the team behind it encounters new technology challenges on a daily basis. The MuleSoft team works with complex systems, builds products for the cloud and on-premises, and creates APIs that power products that enable developers to create exciting and innovative new experiences, and that’s only the beginning.

Today is National Women in Engineering Day, and we’re excited to celebrate by letting you get to know a few of the women engineers working in our San Francisco and Buenos Aires offices. We asked them: What is the most interesting technology challenge you’re solving at MuleSoft right now?

Willow Solem, Associate Software Engineer, Core Services team

“I’m on the Core Services team, which handles roles and permissions for users of the platform, authentication/authorization, audit logging, and more. Right now I’m working on an internal tool for the support team to allow a support user to log in with the permissions of a customer. For example, if a customer has a particular issue that the support user cannot see in their portal, they can go to the admin console (another internal tool), find the user, and click on a button to be able to see the platform the same as the customer sees it. This has been challenging in many ways: it affects both the backend and the front-end (so there is a lot of code I’ve never touched before), there are legal considerations we had to look at (don’t worry, we’re doing things by the book), and it potentially affects several parts of the platform. To do this right, there was a lot of tricky recombination of data to see the platform as the customer but track everything as the support user, and it required a lot of code to be rewritten/refactored, tests to be re/written, and certain elements to be re-evaluated. As difficult as it’s been, it’s a feature that has been highly requested from support, and we’re happy to do what we can to make their jobs easier.”

Kiope Gyzen, Associate Software Engineer, Cloudhub team

“As a UI Engineer working on Cloudhub and the Anypoint Platform, one of the biggest challenges we face every day is figuring out how to keep our platform’s UI stable but also cutting edge. Currently, I’m in the midst of helping to incorporate React into Cloudhub’s UI, which has traditionally been an Angular-based project. Many of our other UI projects are currently going through a similar transition, and the key to making these transitions as fast and as painless as possible has been creating reusable components that UI engineers across the platform can use. Today, for example, I discovered that I needed a React-friendly file uploader for a feature I’m working on, so I’m developing a file uploader component that will not only work for our immediate project needs in Cloudhub but can be shared and potentially used later all across the platform. Designing with reusability in mind and constantly collaborating and sharing with UI engineers across the company has been the key to keeping our platform’s UI steadily evolving and maturing over time.”

Ana Felisatti, Software Engineer, Mule Core (ESB) team

“The Mule core team is now working on Mule 4, our next major version and a very aggressive effort to improve the experience of our users on every level. The main challenge is preserving as much compatibility as possible while being able to take the product further, enable great features and address our technical debts. On that note, I am currently working on migrating the HTTP Connector to a model that allows, among other things, configuration management during runtime, meaning that, for example, the password for accessing an API could be updated without un-deploying the application. Figuring out how much can be changed without it being a migration pain is very difficult, but it’s also amazing to be able to fix many of the known issues we had and knew that after some adjusting we’ll be able to make users life much easier.”

These are just a few of the challenges our engineering team is working to solve. If you’re up for interesting problem solving and love learning about new tools and processes, join our growing team! We’re hiring across engineering roles, including DevOps, UI, software engineering, and more, and we’d love to talk to you.