Digital asset management with Amazon S3 Glacier

benefits of digital asset management

CyanGate just released the first-ever MuleSoft Certified Connector for Amazon S3 Glacier. Here are five digital asset management integration use cases.

The benefits of APIs, my top 10 and why you should use them

November 22 2011


At QCon SF last week I gave my talk on DevOps to NoOps: 10 cloud services you should be using. I talked about what I call the API explosion and how that impacts the way we build applications before introducing my list. I focused on infrastructure APIs because I believe these have the biggest impact on application development and thus the developers that build applications.

Building a Bulletproof Cloud: How Mule iON Stays Up Even When EC2 is Down


High availability. Fault-tolerance. Redundancy. Region failover. These are all major features that users look for when determining which cloud platform to use. They are not, however, easy problems to solve when building a cloud platform. Previously, we discussed the technology surrounding Mule iON’s architecture. Now, we will take a deeper dive into these components and how we carefully built Mule iON to resist outages or failures on Amazon EC2.

Cloud Connector of the Week: Amazon S3


We thought about creating a new section on our blog for showcasing certain connectors which we think deserve some recognition. Unlike some of our other posts we won’t dwell into fully working Mule solutions, but rather talk about just snippets of them.

This week will start with S3. As many of you know there used to be an S3 transport for Mule 2.x and many people loved it. They loved it so much that we took really seriously bring it back as a cloud connector and let me tell you.