Plan for “pervasive integration”

Integration is not an easy business. After all, as Ross Mason has often said, MuleSoft was founded to escape the drudgery, or “donkey work,” of data integration. Integrating systems like mainframes, databases, or big data stores is hard enough, but where things really become interesting is when you have to integrate those systems with cloud applications, mobile applications, social networks, connected devices, and so forth.

The reality of modern business is that customers,

How to Succeed at Digital Transformation: Connect the Unconnected

At industry conferences, in boardrooms, blogs and PowerPoint decks, the new corporate obsession is rapid “digital transformation.” According to KPMG, 93 percent of multinational companies are overhauling their business models. They have to. They realize that customer demand is evolving faster than they can adapt. They see they need to accelerate product development, reach buyers on mobile devices and analyze real-time data from storefronts and warehouses. Essentially, they need to act like much smaller companies—the kind that can turn on a dime.