How Cognizant is enabling business continuity in the wake of COVID-19

Organizations worldwide and the communities they serve are experiencing extraordinary trials because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. As we collaborate with our partners to provide insights and tools to help leaders manage their business and lead through change, we’d like to highlight some solutions Cognizant has developed to help address key customer challenges.

Nearly every industry from healthcare to waste management to manufacturing has been impacted by COVID-19. A strong data strategy in response to COVID-19 has enabled industry leaders to stand up against bottlenecks and workforce management issues.

Introducing MuleSoft Accelerator for

Reopening the workplace to stabilize and grow

As we start to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, businesses and communities of all sizes are starting to look toward the next phase: reopening and getting back to work. To help businesses reopen the workplace safely, Salesforce launched, a set of pre-built applications, templates, and solutions built on Salesforce. helps manage the day-to-day logistics of returning to work, including critical processes such as managing work shifts to maintain social distancing or facilitating employee wellness checks.

Your guide to returning to a safer, more connected workplace

MuleSoft is excited to be part of the newly launched, as we continue to empower our customers to unlock data and make informed decisions to lead through change. includes new technology solutions and expert resources to help business and community leaders around the world to reopen the workplace safely, reskill employees, and respond efficiently on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How a single pilot API provided a platform for business continuity

I’ve recently been in touch with a friend who is a lead architect at a large-scale distribution company to understand how COVID-19 has impacted their business and what they are doing to ensure business continuity. Suddenly the global coronavirus pandemic has upended how companies operate and respond to changing consumer behavior and shocks to the supply chain. Companies need to adapt by enhancing their digital capabilities and transforming IT operations to be more responsive,

How to survive disruption: an IT leader’s guide to business continuity

High availability (i.e., system redundancy) and disaster recovery (i.e., backup and restore) are common topics for IT leaders and practitioners. On the other hand, topics about business continuity might not have been a high priority a few months ago. Now, in a time of a major disruption, it’s all anyone can talk about.