The Era of Open APIs Demands a New Type of Application

November 28 2012

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With the rapidly increasing adoption of SaaS, integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) has become the preferred way to connect SaaS applications.  However, with the explosion of Open APIs on the Web connecting APIs together is becoming the norm for application development. However, typical application containers and even application PaaS offerings don’t help in this new era where applications compose APis together from many different sources.

Automate your deployments with the Jenkins API

types of apis

The Jenkins build systemhas an open API which means we can do stuff with it. Today we’re going to automate the deployment of an application with a specific stable version.  Jenkins has a great UI, it’s very flexible indeed, but sometimes is not enough. For instance, for CloudHub we deploy a Jenkins build to our QA environment, according the period in our development cycle, and we also need to execute automated tests. is No.1 on the AppExchange!


We are on a mission to simplify integration at every level, whether that be large scale service orientation, legacy integration, SaaS automation, mobility enablement or even data loading.  For those not familiar with, its a cloud service offered by MuleSoft that allows SalesForce users to upload, download and delete data.  This is an important task, before any SaaS application is useful you need to load data into it.

iPaaS: Cloud-to-Cloud Integration of Gmail and Pivotal Tracker



MuleSoft’s iON is a cloud-based integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that isn’t  just for “cloud-to-premise” scenarios, but for “cloud-to-cloud” integration as well. With the current API explosion, a vast array of services is emerging which can be brought together in unimagined ways, and iON is there to enable this—like lightening between the clouds!