Bringing SOA to Identity Management


Very few people have heard or a familiar with applying Identity Management services with SOA , However, once you get past the business and marketing hype of Identity Management and SOA, what does it really mean to introduce these services into your organization?

Typically in an environment you have a CRM (Customer Relationship management) System, a Billing System, HR System and an Email system.

Identity Management for the Cloud


I spent 2 years of my life working as an Identity Management (IdM) consultant a long time ago, when clouds were related to weather and SAAS sounded like the Scandinavian Airlines. The environment changed an now more and more companies are moving to the cloud relying on applications living outside their firewalls, but there’s something that didn’t change: The need to provision user accounts. This is the main reason why I will like to spend some of my free time the next months trying to build an IdM solution for the cloud on the cloud.

ESB and Identity Management, a perfect match


Identity Management solution already exist so why look to an ESB for the integration services.   Like any solution you want an identity and access management platform that meets certain criteria such as sustainability, ongoing innovation, Integration capabilities and completeness of platform.

Why are the above issues relevant for an identity management platform?  The reasoning comes from the fact that almost all identity management platforms are built up by acquisition and not innovation.