Feed my inbox; reading RSS feeds with Mule ESB – Part 2

February 24 2011

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In my last blog post I showed a simple flow to retrieve an RSS feed periodically, split it and send each RSS entry via eMail. The solution has one major drawback, though: once the Mule application is restarted, Mule has forgotten which feed entries have already been sent. The RSS feed is retrieved again and another bunch of eMails is sent.

Adding idempotency

The standard EAI pattern for receiving messages only once is the idempotent receiver.

Feed my inbox; reading RSS feeds with Mule ESB

January 26 2011


I read a couple of RSS feeds regularly. Unfortunately, I work across a couple of machines: my laptop, the machine in the office, my wife’s laptop. This rules out using a local RSS reader as I’d have to manage the redundant subscriptions let alone I’d have to remember which feed entries I have already read and which one not. Sure, I could use Google’s feed reader but being mostly eMail centric anyway I’d love to see RSS feed entries in my INBOX.

Mule 3.0-M2 and beyond


I’m pleased to announce that Mule team has just released 3.0 Milestone 2. Before we get into the features coming in Mule 3.0, I’d like to talk about the theme for this release.
The overall theme for Mule 3.0 is simplicity. We are looking at every part of Mule to see what we can do to make things even easier. Mule is a powerful platform, but we realise not everyone wants or needs all that power.