Best Practices for Tuning Mule

We often get asked to help tune applications running on Mule for optimal performance. Over time, we have developed a methodology that helps us deliver on that request — and we wanted to share that methodology with you.

To-Do Before Tuning

Here are a few questions to ask before tuning. Performance tuning requires affirmative answers for (1) and (2), plus a concise response to (3).

  1. Does the application function as expected?

Measuring the Performance of your Mule ESB Application



Once you have a working Mule ESB application you may be wondering how fast it can run. Here we will discuss a simple method for measuring the throughput of your application using Apache JMeter.

Bear in mind there are many ways to improve performance (simple changes can yield great performance boosts). We will explore them in greater detail in a follow-up blog post covering Mule application tuning.