10 inspiring Integration Trailblazer stories from Dreamforce 2019

Companies of all shapes and sizes, across all industries, need Integration Trailblazers. An Integration Trailblazer can be anyone — a financial analyst, an architect, an admin, a marketer, an engineer — looking to get smart on APIs, grow their career, and transform the customer experience. Integration powers a connected world. BMW, Ashley Stewart, and HSBC are great examples of how this API-led approach can help you meet the needs of your customers,

The event-driven Web: Webhooks integration fun with Mule


Webhooks are a very simple way to tie application together on the Internet. Suppose application A wants to be informed when data changes in application B: the traditional approach consists in having application A poll B for changes. The webhooks approach turns the problem around: B gets configured so it hooks to A via HTTP calls. Whenever data changes in B (or for that matter, whenever anything of interest happens in B),

Tremors, GeoNet and Mule: An interview with Geoff Clitheroe


Today we’re interviewing Geoff Clitheroe, GeoNet Systems Development Manager at GNS Science in New Zealand. What does this beautiful but quake-prone island country have to do with Mule? This is where Geoff’s work comes into play: he’s leading a team of developers with whom he’s been building GeoNet, an advanced geological hazards monitoring system. And Mule is at the core of it.

MM. Jeff you’ve shared some very interesting blog posts about your usage of Mule in GeoNet (1 2 3).

Upcoming Webinar: Red Bee Media brings video-on-demand using Mule

December 7 2011


We provide a lot of webinars with tips and tricks from our development team on how Mule works across various industries. But what about in the media and entertainment sector? We’re pleased to present a great customer use case of Mule in the wild world of entertainment.