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In this important episode, we’re joined by a group of incredible leaders to discuss the state of diversity and inclusion in today’s workforce and steps leaders can take to drive progress and change.

Tune in to hear candid commentary and actionable insights from Great Place to Work CEO Michael Bush, Salesforce EVP & CIO Jo-ann de Pass Olsovsky, and Salesforce VP of Global Equality Programs Molly Q. Ford. In addition to learning how business and technology leaders are building diverse and inclusive workplaces grounded in data, you’ll also take away ideas to improve diversity and inclusion within your own company and team. 

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As a multiracial woman of Asian descent, my identity shapes how I experience the world and this topic comes at a critical time. A standout moment in this episode for me came when Molly Q. Ford shared Shirley Chisholm’s words: “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” This quote really resonated with me, as it reminded me of what my mom has done — blazing her own trail by coming to the United States as an immigrant and putting herself through graduate school, and then going on to serve in the U.S. Army and treat soldiers and civilians on the front lines in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Germany. My mom’s resilience has always inspired me throughout my own career journey.


Michael Bush
CEO, Great Place to Work

Jo-ann de Pass Olsovsky
EVP & CIO, Salesforce

Molly Q. Ford
VP of Global Equality Programs, Salesforce


Melissa Czapiga
CIOs Unfiltered, MuleSoft

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