18 MuleSoft Community Meetups to attend in March and April

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35 MuleSoft Community Meetups across 11 countries have already been held in 2019 — and it’s only the beginning. 18 more events are coming up in March and April.

Read on for more details and to register for an event near you. If you are not a member of a MuleSoft Meetup group yet, check out the 100+ groups we have across the globe, and join the closest to you to be notified when a Meetup is scheduled.

Interested in speaking at a Meetup or being involved in the organization? Contact us! Our Meetup Leaders and speakers receive free training classes and certification exams.

Upcoming Meetups in March

Houston, TX – March 7th, 2019 – Tonight!

For this new event in Houston, our group leaders – Satish Nannapaneni, CEO, David Olson, COO, both at Flexera Global, Jim Andrews, Principal Consultant at Capco Energy Solutions and Cande Brandow, Implementation Manager at Robert Half – will welcome several speakers to present demos on how to connect to Salesforce.

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Singapore – March 7th, 2019 – Tonight!

A premiere in Singapore! Julian Douch, Managing Director at WhiteSky Labs, will provide an overview of the integration challenges faced by industries today and how Anypoint Platform is addressing those by taking a modern, API-driven approach. He’ll also present an introduction to Mule 4 and its key features.

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Milano, Italy – March 7th, 2019 – Tonight!

Full house for our very first community event in Italy! Join Matteo Parrini, Client Architect at MuleSoft, as he will present an overview of Anypoint Platform and Anypoint Monitoring, along with a tutorial to synchronize Salesforce objects and databases. Matteo will also present Max Mara’s successful mobile strategy, and how Anypoint Platform powers it. The event is already at full capacity, but make sure to join the group to be the first notified when a new event is scheduled.

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Pune, India – March 8th, 2019

For this ninth Meetup in Pune, organized by Santosh Ojha, Architect at Infosys, Manish Yadav, MuleSoft Application Specialist at Veritas, and the rest their team, the spotlight will be on Runtime Fabric. Souvik Dey, Software Developer at GSLab, will demo and build some flows with the audience. The event is already at capacity, but make sure to join the Pune group to be the first notified when the next event is announced.

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Atlanta, Georgia – March 11th, 2019

Join Aaron Unterberger, Solutions Consultant at MuleSoft, and Rajnish Kumar, CTO at Vanrish Technology, for a new event filled with exciting demos and passionate discussions.

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West Yorkshire, England – March 14th, 2019

Join the Saint-Gobain Building Distribution team: Jason Goodwill, Solution Architect, Francis Edwards and John Pawson, both Integration Analysts, as they lead a new event in the area. This time, the group will investigate on the use of Traits and Error Handling as RAML Fragments, and will have a look at the JSON logging facilities in Mule 3.

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Buenos Aires – March 14th, 2019

Join Walter Olivito, Studio Director, Diego Arce, Senior Consultant, and German Vila Krause, Consultant, all with Extend IT, as they introduce the new features of Mule 4 and how it’s different from Mule 3. They will live demonstrate each new feature, and also present a use case they’ve been working on.

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Hyderabad, India – March 16th, 2019

Santosh Ojha, Architect at Infosys, is also leading Meetups in Hyderabad! For this event, he welcomes Kent Brown, CTO, and Vijay Bharwani, Senior Consultant, both with ModusBox, to present on MuleSoft B2B/Partner Portal.

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Baltimore, Maryland – March 20th, 2019

The Baltimore group, led by Manju Kumara Hanumanthappa, Integration Developer, and Jon Tarrant, Delivery Manager, Enterprise Integration, both with Allegis Group, is welcoming a special guest this time. Joshua Erney, Senior Software Engineer at MS3, will deliver a great presentation on the functional programming concepts that the DataWeave program language utilizes to allow developers to create concise and powerful data transformations. Joshua’s presentation will be online, so virtually accessible by anyone across the globe. Make sure to sign up!

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Dallas, Texas – March 20th, 2019

For this new event in Dallas, Ruman Khan, Integration Architect at Bank of America, will lead a technical “how to” session on DataWeave (1.0 and 2.0). Regardless of your experience with DataWeave, you will learn something! Beginners, intermediate, and advanced users are welcome to join.

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New York City, New York – March 28th, 2019

Our two Meetup Leaders in NYC, Gean Martinez, Director of Data Technology & Strategy at Silver, and Suyog Gandhi, Director of Customer Success at MuleSoft, invite you to see APIs in action! You will learn how to design, develop, and deliver meaningful APIs to spark innovation. Gean Martinez will do a walk through of what it takes to build a CRM API. From Design to Built to Test and Measure, you will learn why you want to build a CRM API and how to use MuleSoft to do so.

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Columbus, Ohio – March 29th, 2019

Bring your laptop! Ralph Rimorin, Solution Architect at Collibra, and Lori Angalich, VP Marketing at Lightwell, invite you to a great workshop to explore API-led architecture. Then, Colby Perry, Senior Integration Specialist at Westfield Insurance and Naresh Garidepalli, MuleSoft Architect at Motorists Insurance Group, will discuss Error Handling in Mule 4 and will show how to log it to ELK (Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana).

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Panama City, Panama – March 30th, 2019

For this new event in Panama City, Jose Luis Delgado, Digital Services Director, and Larry Magallanes, Principal Software Architect, both with Consultec-TI, will offer a deep dive on API Manager, and will show how it can help you monetize your APIs.

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Meetups scheduled in April so far

Warsaw, Poland – April 3rd, 2019

For this third Meetup in Warsaw, Patryk Bandurski, Senior Integration Developer at PwC Polska, and Marek Wianecki, Integration Developer at IPF, will present on Runtime Fabric. You’ll get to know all the functionalities and exciting possibilities that Runtime Fabric offers. Besides learning from the theoretical side, you will also get to see an interactive demo.

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Phoenix, Arizona – April 4th, 2019

The agenda for this event is still in the works, but don’t wait to save your spot; Meetups in Phoenix are very popular.

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Richmond, Virginia – April 10th, 2019

Join Josh Adam, Regional Director, and Vijay Rao, Practice Head, both with Apisero, as they lead the first Meetup in Richmond, VA! Vijay Rao will present on Runtime Fabric. Q&A and open discussion to follow.

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Sydney, Australia – April 11th, 2019

The agenda for this Meetup is still in the works, but it’s never too early to save your spot as Sydney always sells out!

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Hyderabad, India – April 20th, 2019

Just a month after the previous Meetup, join Santosh Ojha, Architect at Infosys, Ravi Shankar Mishra, Senior Consultant at Capgemini, Raveendar Bandaru, Technical Manager at Whishworks, Santhosh Ramagiri, Senior MuleSoft Developer at IBM India, Venkatesh Nalam, Senior MuleSoft Consultant at ServiceNow India, and Srilatha Kante, Technology Evangelist at SpringPeople, as they organize a new event, this time to shed light on one of the top trending topics around MuleSoft and API-led connectivity: Anypoint Runtime Fabric.

They will present a deep dive on the exciting new container service for multi-cloud deployments, as well as share their experience from one of their first implementations of Mule 4. They will also show how big data and MuleSoft work hand in hand. Finally, DMI Finance will share how Anypoint Platform is facilitating its business growth and connectivity plans.

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