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The year 2017 was a great year for MuleSoft Meetups!

We launched the program back in July with the goal of gathering MuleSoft aficionados across the globe, along with curious developers willing to learn more about Anypoint Platform. In only 6 months, we launched more than 50 groups, and that’s just the beginning.

As 2018 begins, we want to take the program further: create more Meetups in more cities, more often, with more people. And to do this, we need you! Reach out to us to let us know if you want to get involved either by creating a Meetup group in your city or talking at an upcoming event.

With that said, here’s a roundup of MuleSoft Developer Meetups from the last month, and what’s to come in the MuleSoft community until the end of February.

Highlights from 11 MuleSoft Meetups 

Several community members started off the year right by holding their first Meetup events!

Vancouver, Canada

James Heise and the Appnovation team kicked off the MuleSoft Meetup in Vancouver, inaugurating their brand new offices in Gastown. MuleSoft experts gave an overview of the current platform, composite API calls, and discussed their experience as integrators with Enterprise MuleSoft customers.

mulesoft meetups developer

Knoxville, TN

Subhash Patel, MuleSoft Integration Architect at Cognizant, started a MuleSoft Meetup group in Knoxville, and held the first event shortly after. The attendees went over the topics they’d like to cover during the following events and shared their respective experiences on using Anypoint Platform.

mulesoft knoxville developer meetup

San Jose, CA

Ashish Goyal, Cisco, and Chari Gunasekaran, Splunk, launched a Meetup group in the South Bay to gather MuleSoft users in the area. At their first event, they provided a deep dive on the security features offered in Anypoint Enterprise Security and how to use these features in Anypoint implementations.

southbay mulesoft meetup

Phoenix, AZ

Vijay Rao, Apisero, and Veerareddy Bapathu, Cognizant, kicked off their local group in Phoenix. They wanted to bring the local software developer community together, while providing a fun and informative meetup. Attendees discussed topics for the following events.

phoenix developer mulesoft meetup

Some well-established groups also ran events recently:

Christchurch, NZ

Kian Ting held the fourth Meetup in Christchurch, NZ! This time, the group talked about Mule API health check and monitoring in Mule applications, as well as how to use Anypoint Design Center’s flow designer to automate URL health check pings.

Toronto, Canada

Bruno Baloi and Yusuf Hasan, Solutions Consultants at MuleSoft, organized the second Meetup in Toronto, this time with EQ Bank who shared details on their Digital Bank architecture. The group also went over what’s new in Mule 4 and the Anypoint Platform Nov ‘17 Release.

mulesoft toronto developer meetup

New-York City, NY

The NYC group, led by Tyrone Borromeo (Regional Director, Solutions Consulting at MuleSoft), had a special Meetup to celebrate the holidays! Besides having special giveaways, Adam Gugliciello, Principal Solutions Consultant, discussed new features in Anypoint Platform and shared an example API with OAuth registrations for Google/LinkedIn used during the Mulesoft Summit. Mahesh Motiramani, Regional Director of Customer Success, shared successful patterns with customers.

new york developer mulesoft meetup

Raleigh, NC

Robert Huddleston from Avoda Group had a special get together in Raleigh to celebrate the end of the year.

Ahmedabad, India

Tejas and Rajeshkumar from BasilRoot Technologies held the second Developer Meetup in Ahmedabad. This time, attendees learned from MuleSoft-Certified developers how to design an API with RAML, develop it with Anypoint Studio and publish it through Exchange.

Dallas, TX

Another successful gathering for Miguel, local Leader in Dallas, TX! At this 6th Meetup, attendees learned how to implement reliability patterns with MuleSoft and 3 MOM products: RabbitMQ, Solace, and AnypointMQ.

dallas developer mulesoft meetup

London, UK

Raj and Tom, our local Leaders from Pace Integration, absolutely rocked the last Meetup in London, along with our friends at Deloitte UK! They broke the record of attendance, bringing over 70 participants that watched interactive demos and networked together.

london mulesoft developer meetup

6 upcoming MuleSoft Meetups

Online Meetup – February 6th, 2018

For his first online Meetup, Manik Magar will make a quick introduction to MUnit and share why you should have test cases and why you should avoid mocking database connectors, but do a testing with the close-to-production database instead. He will also explore how Docker and TestContainers can help achieve better and production-closest testing.

This Meetup is online, thus accessible to all! It will start at 5:30pm EST.

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Tampa Bay, FL – February 7th, 2018

R.J. Salicco (NY Life) and Barnes Marshall (Lincare Holdings) are holding the first Meetup in Tampa. The goal is to kick-off the group by getting to know each other and discussing how members move forward with future Meetups. They’ll talk about topics, format and how they organize their community in Tampa Bay. Kindly hosted by partner EMS Consulting.

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Stockholm, Sweden – February 15th, 2018

Ana Chiritescu, Enfo, and John Folkesson, Nordic Choice Hotels, are hosting the second Meetup in Stockholm. The agenda still needs to be refined, but the topic will be mUnit and automated testing of Mule applications.

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Cape Town, South Africa – February 21st, 2018

Join Stephan Bouwer as he organizes the very first of the Cape Town community! Together, you are going to have a look at interesting ways of integrating Mule with an Oracle database, and you will also get the chance to participate have a general discussion about the latest version of Mule.

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Jalandhar, India – February 23rd, 2018

Join Karan Verma, local Meetup Leader in Jalandhar, as he organizes the very first MuleSoft Meetup in the area to discuss the topics that will be covered during the next events.

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Charlotte, NC – February 24th, 2018

Join Russell Evans, Strategic Account Executive at MuleSoft, as he kicks off the group in Charlotte. The goal of this first gathering is to discuss topics for future events and network with other MuleSoft users.

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Keep in mind that this list evolves very often – check our upcoming Meetups page regularly to see the latest events scheduled within the Community.

Check the full list of MuleSoft Meetup Groups – don’t see one near you? Apply here to create it!