11 MuleSoft Developer Meetups in the Next Month

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Whether you are just learning about APIs, a new MuleSoft user, or a seasoned veteran in building integrations, MuleSoft Meetup groups provide an ideal opportunity to learn, share knowledge, and network. As fall arrives and community members return from their summer vacations (or winter vacations, depending on which hemisphere they are on!), MuleSoft Meetup groups continue to grow. We now have 59 chapters around the world, with thousands of developers gathering monthly!

With the availability of Mule 4 Release Candidate, many groups are meeting to discuss plans and best practices for migrating to Mule 4. If you are interested in learning more about Mule 4, find a group near you or start your own group and check out our Mule 4 Resources.

Here is a quick recap of events that took place in the past month, and a preview of what’s to come.

Highlights from Selected MuleSoft Meetups

In San Francisco, MuleSoft Champion Felipe Ocadiz led a lively discussion on MUnit. Attendees from local companies such as UCSF, Splunk, and Cisco, debated creative ways to build robust unit tests with MUnit. MuleSoft engineers, PMs, and UX designers were also in attendance and were thrilled to speak to users and hear their feedback.

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Photo Credit: Sanjna Verma

The New York Meetup group held an event in our brand-new NYC office. The agenda was a mix of practical knowledge and best practices: Alan Crosswell, AVP & CTO of Columbia University’s Information Technology Department described how they are using Anypoint Platform custom policies. And John D’Emic, MuleSoft Client Architect, shared API Management best practices using Anypoint Platform.

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ASICS’ Runkeeper hosted the Boston MuleSoft Meetup group, and had speakers that talked about ASICS’  journey with MuleSoft and how Anypoint Platform helped them enhance the customer experience across its subsidiary companies and brands.

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We would also like to congratulate two Meetup groups for hosting their first ever Meetup event in DC and Florida. Satish and Gavin demonstrated one of the most common MuleSoft use cases – connecting to Salesforce at the Washington, DC event; and Rob Witmer organized the first event to share the Acosta IT transformation Story in Jacksonville, Florida.

Our thanks also go out to MuleSoft Meetup leaders in Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, and Christchurch (New Zealand) for consistently organizing events and leading the community.

Upcoming MuleSoft Meetups Worldwide

For the upcoming weeks, we have 10 Meetups planned around the world–– including the very first event in Brisbane! Check out the Meetups below, all times in local time, unless otherwise noted:

1. Melbourne

October 26th – 5:30PM

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We will have two exciting presentations: the first will discuss ways to increase the density of CloudHub workers – packing more into a core. The second will be a series of use cases behind Client and Marketplace integrations using Mule, at FastTrack.

2. Brisbane

October 26th – 5:30PM

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In the first ever Brisbane Meetup, we will have plenty of time for people to meet each other, network, and discuss future topics of interest. We will also provide an overview of what’s new in the Mule 4 Release Candidate.

3. London

October 26th – 6:30PM

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We will cover common integration challenges when transitioning from on-premises to cloud. We will also discuss best practices for SAP Integration, enabled by the MuleSoft platform. We will close out the night with a roundtable on API Enablement challenges.

4. Ahmedabad

October 29th – 10:30AM

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We’ll provide an overview of the MuleSoft product, and allow members to network with one another. We’ll also cover a practical topic: how to connect to Salesforce via the Salesforce Connector.

5. Northeast Wisconsin

November 2nd – 2PM

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We will have a few MuleSoft users do a deep-dive on their use cases, followed by a discussion of best practices and learnings.

6. Atlanta

November 6th – 6PM

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We will have an interactive discussion on the latest best practices in Anypoint Platform, from Mule to API Manager.

7. Christchurch

November 6th – 5:30PM

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We will cover some tips on monitoring your Mule applications with API Health Check. We will also share a simple use case for the new Anypoint Design Center – flow designer: how to automate URL health check pings.

8. Jalandhar

November 8th – 6:00PM

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We will introduce MuleSoft users in the region to the concept of Meetups and brainstorm topic ideas.

9. Chicago

November 9th – 5:00PM

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We will have a discussion on Blockchain led by Chuck Mackie, followed by a discussion of potential future topics.

10. San Francisco

November 9th – 6:00PM

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We will take a deeper look at what to expect in the Mule 4 Release Candidate, and how you can use its new functionalities––from the new Batch Module to the default DataWeave Expression language.

11. Indianapolis

November 14th – 12:30PM

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For this very first Meetup in Indianapolis, we’ll have a use case spotlight, followed by a presentation of new MuleSoft product features we are excited about.

Don’t See a MuleSoft Meetup Near You? Get Involved!

And that concludes all the great MuleSoft Meetups we have in store in the coming weeks! There are new Meetups daily, so be sure to review upcoming Meetups section regularly.

And, as always, if you have an idea for a Meetup, contact your local meetup leader and suggest the topic – they would love to hear from you!

If you do not see a MuleSoft Meetup group in your city, then create and lead one yourself by applying to become a leader! We are ready to provide support to bring a MuleSoft Meetup to your city.

See you at the next Meetup!

Banner Photo Credit: Sanjna Verma