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In the month since our launch, the community has responded enthusiastically to the launch of our new MuleSoft Meetup program. These Meetups are community-led events, bringing people together to explore, teach, and learn about API-led connectivity by sharing use cases and doing hands-on exercises. You don’t necessarily have to be a MuleSoft user to join: all API enthusiasts are welcome!

Highlights from a recent MuleSoft Meetup

As of today, we have featured 34 Meetup groups around the world on our Meetup website. We have two new groups in Australia (Melbourne) and New Zealand (Christchurch). The Melbourne Meetup held their first event last month, and Christchurch is planning their first event in the coming weeks.

The Melbourne Meetup was organized by one of our own, Solutions Consultant Michael Hyatt. During the event, Michael and Kevin Finn, also a Solutions Consultant, presented new features in Mule 4 Beta, which is now available for download.

Rob Valk, from Deloitte’s Platform Engineering team, also shared best practices on how teams can minimize the resource footprint of Mule runtime to optimize for single-app containerized deployments in microservices architectures.

mulesoft meetup

This Meetup is amongst dozens of events that were held over the past month. For MuleSoft Meetup groups – new and old – Meetup leaders are always looking for speakers to share best practices and use cases.

If you are in Melbourne or any other city and have an idea you want to share with your local community, contact your local MuleSoft Meetup organizers about giving a talk at the next event.

Upcoming MuleSoft Meetups

For the next three weeks, we have five Meetups planned:

Location: São Paulo

Date: August 12, 2017

The São Paulo MuleSoft Meetup group is meeting to discuss how to leverage APIs as a business model. Specifically:

Your API is your new business model. In the past, APIs were just seen as tools for developers; however, nowadays their scope is not only limited to internal use but also available externally for global users. For example, Google Maps APIs use Uber APIs to calculate and predict fares and travel times to the destination.This API-led business model is an innovative way to engage with partners and customers through APIs. Essentially, if your product is the API, you should take care to design based on business criteria, deployment, and management of APIs.

Sign-up today if you are in São Paulo!


 Location: New York City

Date: August 17, 2017

The New York City Meetup group is hosting MuleSoft architect Joey Wang. He will be demoing new Anypoint Platform features, which are a part of our recent Crowd release. Attendees can expect an in-depth walkthrough of new functionalities in Anypoint Design Center, the completely re-designed Anypoint Exchange, and the new web-based integration tool within Design Center – flow designer.

Sign-up today if you are in New York City!


 Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Date: August 21, 2017

The brand-new Christchurch Meetup is organized by a stellar member of the community, Kian Ting. For the first meetup event, Kian will be leading a discussion on best practices for performing robust integration and unit testing with Anypoint Platform. He will also share tips on how to use community programs such as the Champions program to learn and get certified.

Sign-up today if you are in Christchurch!


Location: Perth, Australia
Date: August 29, 2017

The group in Perth is kicking off with an overview of MuleSoft’s Anypoint API Platform and the tools it provides for designing, developing, running, and managing the RESTful APIs. The group is led by Zubair Aslam, Integration Architect at Empired. There will also be dedicated time for attendees to suggest future topic ideas and Q&A.

Sign-up today if you are in Perth!


Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Date: September 3, 2017

The Christchurch Meetup group wastes no time in organizing another event. For the second Meetup, Kian will lead a discussion on Mule Security Vault, Polling, and Watermarking. The group will also dedicate time to discuss best practices using Anypoint Platform’s integration framework.

Sign-up today if you are in Christchurch!


Don’t see a MuleSoft Meetup planned near you? Get involved!

New events appear daily, so check out the upcoming Meetups section if you do not live in São Paulo, New York City, Perth, or Christchurch!

If you do not see a MuleSoft Meetup group in your city, then you have the opportunity to create and lead one yourself! Apply to become a leader! We are ready to provide support to bring a MuleSoft Meetup to your city.

See you at the next Meetup!