New Year’s resolutions for the CIO

A new year will be arriving in just a couple of days and, of course, with it comes the opportunity to make all kinds of resolutions to help your business. How are you going to better incorporate SaaS applications into your business software? How are you going to improve your mobile apps? What is your company going to do to address microservices?

Digital transformation is happening faster than you think.

Announcing Mule 3.2

September 13 2011


It’s Saturday night. You realize you don’t have your cell phone and won’t be able to check on your fulfillment system. Chuckling, you remember without nostalgia the electric panic that used to set in over such a conundrum. Now you don’t give it a moment’s thought. After the weekend you arrive to work and try to avoid that blinking little red light, always in the periphery, nagging from the telephone set. Twenty-three more irate complaints demanding tedious,

Presentation: EAI, When Tools Can Help


I had the opportunity to give a talk last Wednesday night at VanDev Meetup (Vancouver’s Software Developer Network). Here is a quick summary of it.

In this talk, I have presented a few criteria to help developers and architects decide between using ready-made EAI tools versus custom built solutions. I have discussed the identification of contexts, patterns, topologies and decision factors that can help favor one approach or the other.

Webinar: Integrating with SalesForce


Are you looking to integrate on-premise applications with on-demand applications, such as

Join me for a technical webinar on integrating with Mule. During this 30-minute event, I will demonstrate how to take an enterprise application integration (EAI) data synchronization pattern and extend it to integrate with data in the cloud..

Tuesday, February 3rd 2009
9am PT / noon ET
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