Optiziming ESB Performance with Mule Management Console


Do you need better visibility into Mule ESB performance metrics?  Would you like to have fine-grained control over your ESB resources at runtime to address performance issues? Are you a Mule ESB developer looking for an easy way to debug your service flows?

MuleSoft recently released a new Management Console for Mule ESB – purpose-built for deep visibility and control into your Mule environment and services during development and production.

The new Mule ESB Management Console


I’m proud to announce that we have released the new Mule ESB Management Console (MMC) — this is an important step forward for Mule ESB.

We built MMC based on significant feedback from our customers, and we put the product through two early access pre-releases to incorporate feedback from real users. I must say that I’m pretty pleased with the end result —