HERE Technologies joins the MuleSoft Technology Partner Program

September 13 2019

Here Technologies developers

Being a developer-first company means you have to be exactly where developers build great products. Which is why HERE Technologies has joined the MuleSoft Technology Partner Program and has contributed to the MuleSoft partner ecosystem by releasing Geocoder API specifications. This collaboration will empower MuleSoft developers to create more engaging and contextual user experiences with the most comprehensive and accurate location technology. 

MuleSoft ISV ecosystem grows and delivers customer value

partner ecosystem mulesoft

Next week, MuleSoft kicks off its annual CONNECT conference highlighting its growing ecosystem of technology partners that provide applications and tools that can instantly increase the size, functionality, security, and scope of an application network. With a rapidly growing number of partners and increasing out-of-the-box connectivity, Anypoint Platform’s partner ecosystem enables end customers to leverage capabilities from other ISVs instantly and with confidence.

Meet a Muley – Samrah Khan, Strategic Channel Partners


Happy Friday!

For this week’s featured Muley, we thought we’d head over to the Channel and Services Team and introduce you to Samrah Khan, Director of Strategic Channel Partners! When she’s not in the office, she’s probably out doing yoga or checking out the newest restaurants. Read on to learn about her greatest weakness, what sets her apart, and why she’s one of our favorite Muleys!

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Zuora and MuleSoft: Integration Should Be This Easy

January 24 2012


You may have noticed that we announced a partnership with Zuora, the company behind the leading SaaS subscription billing service (often touted as the Salesforce of billing). This is no ordinary announcement. We are truly excited about what this means for the future of integration.

SaaS is changing the application landscape, offering better applications at a lower cost through cloud delivery. The benefits of SaaS have been touted many times,