MuleSoft at MuleSoft: building the Salesforce and Slack integration to improve sales

February 10 2016


In yesterday’s post, Mike pointed out that if our sales team responds quickly to a lead, it correlates to a higher probability of connecting with the prospect. This is something we had to take seriously. To deliver a solution, we partnered with Marketing Operations and the Account Development teams.

The first step was to determine the systems we needed to interface with. Our leads go directly into Marketo,

Introducing the Anypoint Platform September 2015 Update

September 2 2015


I am excited to announce the latest update to the Anypoint Platform. This update is focused on a number of capabilities that enable even more efficient management of a well-oiled API-led connectivity solution.

Rich API product offering through layered service level agreements

Anypoint Platform Service Level Agreements (SLAs) allows API owners to define the menu of offerings available to API consumers.