Announcing Anypoint Runtime Fabric on EKS and AKS

I’m excited to announce our new release of Anypoint Runtime Fabric which adds support for running on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). This release allows your operations teams to take advantage of your cloud provider’s managed Kubernetes services to run Mule APIs and integrations with a lower infrastructure footprint and with greater control.

Everything you need to know about government integration

APIs have a huge potential and impact in meeting customer/citizen needs to revolutionize the organization and expose its full potential. They help create solutions that provide better customer experiences without increasing the cost significantly. APIs also aid in streamlining business operations.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen many private organizations adopt and harness the power of API-led architecture. From major IT giants to eCommerce, automobiles, and financial sectors — major players across industries have opted for an API-first approach.

How to quickly onboard B2B trading partners with Anypoint Partner Manager

In our previous blogs, we provided a high-level overview of Anypoint B2B Solutions with a couple of B2B integration use cases. As part of the “how to” series, we will cover how Anypoint Partner Manager can help you rapidly develop, manage, and monitor B2B integrations.

3 chargeback speedbumps to avoid to supercharge API reuse

Enterprise chargeback (the practice of formalizing a distributed carrying cost program for shared assets) is a conundrum. It should be easy but it’s not. Group X used Y, so they should pay Z. Sounds simple right? Go ahead. Ask people who’ve attempted to create a chargeback model for a shared development platform and they’ll likely either laugh or cry. It’s not that envisioning the model that’s so fraught with peril, it’s the adoption problem. Nobody wants to do the cost accounting work.

+14 virtual MuleSoft Meetups in January

Start 2021 off strong by attending an upcoming virtual MuleSoft Meetup! Our local and global groups are ready for another amazing year of innovative and educational events to help the MuleSoft Community connect, learn, and share their expertise. Popular topics this month include a special Meetup featuring presentations by HERE technologies, Anypoint CLI, and mastering integration with Salesforce.

Top 10 blogs of 2020

December 23 2020


You’ve heard it all year and I’m sure you’ve felt it too — there’s been an immense amount of change in 2020. At MuleSoft, we’ve switched to completely working from home, learning to manage our personal and work lives under one roof, navigating the intense health landscape with COVID-19, all while helping our customers adapt to the new, all-digital world. I speak on behalf of all of MuleSoft in saying,

How to use a VPC to isolate your worker instances

December 21 2020


CloudHub is the cloud-based iPaaS component of Anypoint Platform. Applications on MuleSoft Cloudhub are run by one or more instances of Mule, called workers. Each worker is a dedicated instance of Mule that runs your integration application. In the default configuration, all cloud-based workers reside in a multi-tenant public cloud, balanced by a publicly accessible shared load balancer

Forrester study shows 235% ROI on MuleSoft Training

Investing in MuleSoft technology to drive your organization’s digital transformation is a big decision. Once that decision has been made, it’s imperative that your organization has a trained and certified technical workforce who can expedite your time to value. Whether that’s working with a system integration partner, training your internal MuleSoft team, or likely a combination of the two, your success with Anypoint Platform is reliant on your people.

How Muleys helped us be a Best Place to Work for Millennials in Argentina

For the first time ever, Salesforce has earned a top spot in Best Places to Work for Millennials in Argentina by Great Place to Work, a prestigious honor given to the most outstanding companies. We are honored to have been recognized for this award – and it’s our unrelenting commitment to our values that have gotten us here.

CIO’s guide to building agile foundations

December 16 2020


Every industry is facing an accelerated pace of change. If companies can’t keep up with their customer’s needs and expectations — they will soon become obsolete. Inertia is a sure way to fail. Companies need to continuously change, as their customers change.