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This past year was a testament to the amazing individuals that make up our MuleSoft Community. From switching from in-person MuleSoft Meetups to virtual experiences seemingly overnight, to continuously creating high-quality technical content, to teaching others remotely — the MuleSoft Community overcame obstacles with resilience. 

We want to take a moment to reflect and recognize some of the best of the best in our Community who helped our entire MuleSoft ecosystem thrive in 2020. These individuals are always eager to help others, make the best of some of the toughest times, and continuously create highly valuable content for others in the Community.

MuleSoft Community 2020 in numbers

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Let’s take a quick look at all of the awesome events and accomplishments of our MuleSoft Community in 2020:

  • Our Meetup Leaders hosted 327 events
  • We onboarded 103 new Meetup Leaders
  • Welcomed 20 Meetup groups in new cities
  • Had 10,000 new Meetup members join us in 2020 
  • We reinvented our special Developer Meetups at MuleSoft CONNECT Digital and MuleSoft CONNECT:Now to virtual events
  • Our Developer Meetups featured technical talks by Bentley, NSW Health Pathology, AT&T, Saint-Gobain, Twitter, and more. 
  • We held special local Developer Meetups during MuleSoft Summit events in LATAM and EMEA featuring presentations by MuleSoft Ambassadors, BP, and Roche. 
  • We introduced 11 new MuleSoft Ambassadors to our program bringing us to 20 MuleSoft Ambassadors in total. New 2021 MuleSoft Ambassador cohort coming soon!
  • We held our first ever MuleSoft Hackathon with participants from all over the world. Check out the top 13 projects to get inspired for our next Hackathon.

MuleSoft Community Awards

Allstar Meetup Leaders

These Meetup Leaders are role models to other Leaders in our program as they are highly collaborative, host events frequently, actively engage with others on all social channels, receive amazing feedback from their event attendees, and help thousands of developers and architects in the MuleSoft Community. The winners of this award are:

  • Akshata Sawant: Mumbai Meetup co-Leader, MuleSoft Ambassadress, and Sr. Consultant at Apisero for her consistent leadership and mentorship of MuleSoft Community members.
  • Sudeshna Mitra: Mumbai Meetup co-Leader and MuleSoft Ambassadress, and Application Development Specialist at Accenture for her dedication to providing the highest quality Meetups to help thousands learn.
  • Carlos Reinoza: Panamá City Meetup Leader and Principal CEO at Torei Consulting, for bringing this Meetup group to life as well as his innovation in creating “mini” Meetups to keep attendees focused for the entire hour.
  • Jim Andrews: Houston Meetup Leader and Principal Consultant at Capco for his Community initiatives to keep his group engaged no matter how far away they live in the world. 
  • Manik Magar: Online Group- English Meetup co-Leader, Wilmington Meetup Leader, MuleSoft Ambassador, and Architect at AVIO Consulting, for his hard work in leading multiple groups and mentoring other Leaders as they join our program.

Thank you for all you do as Meetup Leaders!

Community influencers

One of the main reasons the MuleSoft Community continues to expand and help thousands network, learn, and build their own personal reputations is due to the enthusiasm of these two Community members. They have created spaces for Community members to engage, they lead Meetups, answer technical questions on every platform available, and most importantly, they emulate the key qualities of the MuleSoft ecosystem: support, fun, and knowledge! The winners are:

  • Alexandra Martinez: MuleSoft Ambassadress, Women Who Mule Meetup co-Leader, Online Group- Spanish Meetup Leader, Toronto Meetup co-Leader, and Sr. MuleSoft Developer at Bits in Glass. Alexandra runs ProstDev, a Community-led blog encouraging others to become technical writers, she helps women gain confidence in their coding abilities as a member of Women Who Code, and has mentored many of our Meetup Leaders!
  • Manish Yadav: MuleSoft Ambassador, Mumbai Meetup co-Leader, Kuala Lumpur Meetup Leader, and MuleSoft Integration Architect at Billennium, as he always shares good news and technical content from other Community members, supports others with positive reinforcement, moderates the MuleSoft Forum, and much more. 

Most collaborative Meetup Leaders

The winners of this award exemplify what it means to collaborate with other groups to create the best experience for all, rather than only focusing on the success of their own Meetup groups. These Meetup Leaders speak at various events, attend Meetups hosted by other groups, and always encourage other Leaders to step out of their comfort zone. The winners are:

  • Aaron Lieberman: MuleSoft Ambassador, Denver Meetup Leader, and Cloud Practice Manager at Big Compass, for his enthusiasm to work with Meetup Leaders around the U.S. and speak at a variety of events. 
  • Sadik Ali: Gurugram Meetup Leader, and Solution Architect at Kellton Tech Solutions, for speaking at more than five different Meetups around the world.

Most creative Meetup Leaders

Keeping attendees engaged virtually is no easy feat, thus, these Meetup Leaders have worked hard to add an extra layer of creativity to their events from social posts to including furry friends, these Meetup Leaders are sure to keep their attendees awake! This award goes to:

  • Patryk Bandurski: MuleSoft Ambassador, Warsaw Meetup Leader, and Integration Subject Matter Expert at PwC Poland for crafting innovative Meetup agendas and bringing along some special guests.
  • Ravi Tamada: Visakhapatnam Meetup Leader and Technical Architect at Capgemini for actively promoting his events on social media. 

Top Meetup speakers

Meetups would not be possible without great speakers with high levels of expertise, excellent presentation skills, and contagious enthusiasm. The top Meetup speakers of 2020 are:

  • Alan Muñoz Ochoa: Monterrey Meetup Leader and Lead Solutions Engineer at MuleSoft for crafting relevant agendas and providing his expertise in a variety of subjects.
  • Diane Kesler: MuleSoft Administrator at Perspecta, for consistently presenting highly technical topics with ease and in an engaging manner.
  • Mary Joy Sabal: Wellington Meetup co-Leader and Integration Technical Lead at Datacom for her many presentations following her MuleSoft CONNECT Digital talk.
  • Miguel Martinez: MuleSoft Ambassador, Dallas Meetup and Austin Meetup co-Leader, and Sr. Principal Solutions Architect at OpenLogix Corporation, for his technical presentation during the Mexico City LATAM Summit Meetup and many other events.
  • Thiago Santos: MuleSoft Integration Architect at Roche for his technical presentation during the São Paulo LATAM Summit Meetup and ability to share his expertise to our Community across the world.

Most active Meetup groups by region

These groups held the most Meetups in their region during 2020:

First local group to host a virtual event

This award goes to our Lima, Peru Meetup group! They were the first local Meetup group to host a virtual Meetup in 2020. Thank you to Meetup Leader Adalberto Toledo, MuleSoft Developer at PTY Technologies for organizing and moderating this Meetup!

Community content awards

Top performing Community contributed blogs

Some of our best MuleSoft Community contributors were featured on the blog. Here are the top performing Community blogs:

Best individually contributed blogs

These blogs were created by MuleSoft Community contributors as part of their own work to share their expertise to help others as they tackle some of the toughest MuleSoft challenges.

Best individually contributed YouTube tutorials

These YouTube tutorials were also created by MuleSoft Community contributors to help others tackle similar challenges. 

Most technical contributions made

You can find articles by this individual on DZone, his own personal site JackyZone, YouTube, and pretty much every source in between. Jitendra Bafna, Surat Meetup Leader and Sr. Manager at Capgemini, contributed over 100 blogs and videos in 2020 alone! 

Most active social media expert

We are sure it comes as no surprise that our 2020 social media “guru” is Sravan Lingam, MuleSoft Ambassador, Hyderabad Meetup Leader, and Consultant at Virtusa! Sravan ensures our Community is informed, posts high-quality technical content, keeps our Community fun, and is always supporting others. He always shares when someone becomes MuleSoft Certified and spreads the word about great Community-contributed blogs. Thank you Sravan for helping us to grow our @MuleSoftDevelopers page as well!

Top MuleSoft Forum helpers

The MuleSoft Forum is the best place to have technical MuleSoft questions answered by our Community. These two individuals contributed the most answers during 2020 and helped our Community improve their MuleSoft skill set!

Honorable mentions

We have so many amazing members of the MuleSoft Community, it was too difficult not to say thank you to a few more well deserving individuals, including a few of our teammates from MuleSoft. 

Community Muley heroes

MuleSoft Meetups rely on the help from many Muleys to run smoothly. These Muleys are Meetup Leaders, frequent Meetup speakers, and content creators ensuring our Community is kept up to date and informed on all things MuleSoft. A very special and huge thank you to:

  • Alex Theedom, Principal Technical Instructor, for leading our Java to Mule Meetups for the Online Group- English.
  • Andres Cespedes Morales, Sr. Technical Instructor, for leading our Java to Mule Meetups for the Online Group- Spanish.
  • Angel Alberici, Customer Success Architect, for spearheading our Online Group- English for EMEA.
  • Arno Brugman, Strategic Advisor Director, for presenting quite a few times with various EMEA Meetup groups.
  • Gregory McCreanor, Sr. Manager Solution Engineering, for helping us as we expanded our Asia Meetup groups.
  • Jason Johl, Product Marketing Manager, for frequently speaking at Meetups, providing technical content to the Community, and always lending a helping hand.
  • Jimil Patel, Sr. Manager Technical Product Marketing, for creating high-quality technical content for our Community and helping to review the material our Community contributes to identify the best of the best.
  • Jimmy Attia, Sr. Strategic Advisor, for his work as a Meetup co-Leader in Calgary and Edmonton and helping these groups become active.
  • Rafael Escaño, Customer Success Manager, for leading three Meetup groups in EMEA! He has activated groups in Valencia, Lisbon, and Madrid
  • Royston Lobo, Sr. Technical Architect, for spearheading our Online Group- English for APAC as well as co-leading our Sydney Meetup group. Royston also spearheaded the first-ever MuleSoft Hackathon. 
  • Steven Yu, Sr. Customer Architect, for providing his MuleSoft Runtime Fabric expertise during multiple Online Group- English Meetups to help new and experienced MuleSoft Community members problem solve.
  • Vitalii Mykytenko, Sr. Customer Architect, for finding new ways to explain highly complex concepts to Meetup attendees and for his hard work in continuing to educate them after the event ends.

Additional Community blogs on

Check out a few additional great resources created by MuleSoft Community members on the blog:

Thank you to all of our Meetup Leaders, Community members, MuleSoft Ambassadors, and broader support over the last year. As you can see, the MuleSoft Community persevered ultimately breaking many barriers and continuing to be the best place for developers and architects to network, learn, and share their expertise with others. 

Be sure to check out all of our awesome Community opportunities including Meetups, our LinkedIn page, and the MuleSoft Forum! If you have any technical content you would like to share with us to be considered for a future award, tag us @MuleSoftDevelopers on LinkedIn.