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I had a great time at Qcon London last week, it really is one of the more forward thinking conferences out there for the enterprise. I gave two talks on ESBs and Enterprise Mashups so I figured I’d share the slides.

ESB or not to ESB

The ESB has become synonymous with integration. While the ESB grew from the needs of enterprise integration, the landscape has changed and not every project that needs integration needs an ESB.
Increasingly, web application developers need to integrate with both public and enterprise services. This has evolved to the point where the presentation/logic/data tier model is limited since applications need to be connected to other applications and services.

This talk will provide insights about when to select an ESB, and when not to. We will also look at other alternatives for integration such as Web and REST services, and other frameworks.

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Enterprise Mashups: why do I care?

Enterprise Mashups are important since they bridge a void between the web and the enterprise behind the firewall. They break down traditional barriers around data and open up powerful new ways for enterprises to leverage the web as a platform. This session will introduce some mashup concepts, discuss a number of software patterns and describe ways in which enterprises could do more with their applications, and provide a good grounding and practical knowledge about the emerging trend of Enterprise Mashups and how they might apply to the enterprise.

As the barriers break down developers should have an understanding of the implications and how the pieces fit together. Attendees will learn what enterprise mashups are, what they are not, and get to know some mashup patterns.

This session will conclude with an introduction and demo of iBeans, and new open source framework aimed at web developers to make common integration tasks much easier.

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