Meet the top MuleSoft community contributors (Apr ’18)

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In this new edition of our monthly blog, we continue to highlight great contributions from MuleSoft Developers who share great knowledge and give back to the community in special ways.

Special shout outs

This month, we’d like to give 3 special shout outs!

1. The first one goes to all our Meetup leaders who made April a record month. Our community organized 14 events in April alone, that’s an average of 3+ a week! Learn more in our latest blog.

2. The second one goes to Jamie Triplett, Lead Integration System Engineer at Airbnb. Jamie will share his expertise about deployment pipeline automation at CONNECT on May 9th. He’ll discuss the typical journey to mature an automated deployment pipeline: from a single deploy job using Maven, all the way to automatic scripted deployment based on Git pushes and PRs using Jenkins Pipelines. Jamie also started blogging again to share his knowledge. Check out his amazing blog to sharpen your MuleSoft skills! 

3. The third one goes to Nathan Lee: Nathan is one of our Senior Technical Trainers and he’s been on fire this month! In addition to helping countless developers in our forums, Nathan presented on Mule 4 at our first Community Meetup in Sydney, then flew to Canberra a few days later to provide insight into Mule 4 as well!

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The helpers of the month

Another Muley also did an incredible job helping other developers in our forums this month. Arianna Flores is a technical support analyst based in our Buenos Aires office who has helped resolve over 60 questions in April. On behalf of the MuleSoft Community, thank you Arianna!

“I define myself as a problem-solver and I love it, especially when I can help forum users develop their applications using our best practices” Arianna explains.

On social networks, Joost Damens, MuleSoft Developer and Instructor, and Yannick Geerts, Technical Consultant at AE, also came to the rescue to help other developers as well.

If you ever need help with Anypoint Platform, don’t forget that our forums are the place to go to get help! We also have great groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, or tag us using #MuleDev on Twitter.

The bloggers of the month

Now, let’s get to the writers! There are 5 blog posts that caught our attention this month.

3 are from Patryk Bandurski, Senior Consultant at PwC Polska:

  • DataWeave Tip #1: His first DataWeave tip is about data existence check. Patryk shows an example of how to reuse as many conditional checks as possible to achieve more concise and readable transformations.
  • DataWeave Tip #2: This blog is about converting decimal numbers into integer ones.
  • Mule 4 new Java Module: In his previous blog posts, Patryk described Java Component and entry point resolvers as a way to invoke Java Code in Mule 3.x. In this article, he focuses on a completely new approach in Mule 4.

Justin Saliba, Software Engineer at Ricston Ltd, published a great piece about how to download a file (or a list of files) from an SFTP server, while being conscious of Mule’s component lifecycle.

In this article, Edgar Moran, Senior Solutions Engineer at Sitetracker, covers how to integrate with Deltek Vision 76 using MuleSoft.

The pro of the month

This month, we’re featuring Ryan Carter, a longtime member of the MuleSoft Community, and Senior Integration Architect at Appnovation Technologies. He’s also an author for O’Reilly. Ryan holds all the MuleSoft certifications available and recently renewed his Integration Professional Certification. He says:

“I have taken all the MuleSoft certifications and try to keep my knowledge up-to-date with each minor/major version release. I passed my first certification shortly after Mule 3.5 was released. Since then, I have taken all the other certifications available in order to not only test my Mule skills, but also my skills in connector development, RAML, API, and Solutions Design.

I enjoy taking certifications as they push me to test my knowledge and help me learn new concepts/features that the platform has introduced with each new version.”

First Meetups!

April was a record month for Meetups. Among the 14 groups that had events, 4 of them were leading their first event and had great success presenting Mule 4’s capabilities.

Australia leads the way, with Sydney and Canberra inaugurating their groups with two successful events, garnering more than 50 attendees each. Raleigh, NC and Panama City also had successful events.

Check out more details about our past Meetups, and see upcoming Meetups in May in this blog post. And, don’t forget, you have the unique opportunity to meet Community members from all over the world at CONNECT 2018, and especially at our dedicated Meetup on May 8th in San Jose.

First MuleSoft Meetup in Raleigh, NC

That is it for this month! We’d love to get your feedback on this blog series in the comments. If you see a great contributor, whether they are writing blog posts, speaking at a Meetup, or simply answering questions on the forums, tweet us @MuleDev.