Meet the top MuleSoft community contributors (June ’18)

community roundup june 2018

We are back this June with yet another Community roundup – highlighting great contributors to the MuleSoft developer community. Check out what the community was up to this month!

Special shout out

This month, we’d like to give a shout out to Jason Estevan, Software Engineer at Intuit, who reached 100 subscribers on his Youtube channel! His channel specializes in discussing integration and MuleSoft technologies. Jason’s vision for this channel is to “build an army that helps reduce low value, time-consuming, repetitive tasks so we can solve the world’s next problem.” Congratulations Jason! Watch his celebration video and learn how you can participate in his mini-contest to win a limited edition MuleSoft T-shirt!

The helpers of the month

Many developers stepped up and helped others in our forums this month. Thanks to:

    • Rahul Kumar, MuleSoft Integration Consultant at NTT Data Inc.

Also, hats off to Brad Cooper, Integration Developer at IP Australia, and Manish Yadav, MuleSoft Application Specialist at Veritas Technologies, for also providing great answers to questions on the forums!

The bloggers of the month

Many great blogs again this month!

Vishnu Ramakrishnan

Congratulations to Vishnu Ramakrishnan, MuleSoft Integration Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services in UK, for being a great blogger.

In his blog series, Vishnu explains how to connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations. He presents different integration patterns offered by Dynamics 365, takes a deep dive on using Batch data API, and more!

Brad Cooper

While Brad Cooper not only answers questions in the MuleSoft forums; recently he also started blogging! In his very first post, he discusses how to improve performance with parallelization and database streaming, while transitioning from another ESB implementation to MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform.

Patryk Bandurski

Patryk Bandurski, Senior Consultant at PwC Polska, is now a regular in this roundup. This month, he published 4 great articles:

    • Routing SOAP messages in Mule CE: Patryk has developed a SOAP router that generates flows based on web services’ definition but also routes and validates messages.
    • Error handling simplified – Try scope: Patryk describes how to use introduced layers of abstraction in exceptions areas. Prior to Mule 4, developers could access raw Java exceptions, as Mule is a Java-based ESB. Now, with new error concepts, it is much easier to catch errors and handle them.
    • Reuse-driven by DataType: RAML 1.0 introduces a new concept called DataType. This fragment is used to declare the type of data in a separate YAML file. This allows developers to write types in more concise and readable form. In this blog, Patryk shows how to define data types and reuse them in APIs and their implementation.
  • DataWeave Tip #5: As his fifth tip on DataWeave, Patryk explains how to avoid sending numbers as exponential figures.

Joshua Erney

Joshua Erney, Software Engineer at MS3, is another regular contributor to the Community. This month he published two new blogs:

  • MuleSoft Data Sync – Watermarking: This post examines the MuleSoft watermarking feature as it pertains to Mule 3.x. This is a great checklist you can use when you’re developing a data sync solution that uses watermarking.
  • DataWeave – Practice Exercises: In this post, Joshua gathered many exercises based on his own experience and learnings from DataWeave. For the most part, these exercises focus around the language features/functions he uses the most: map, filter, mapObject, pluck, reduce, and recursion. Each section starts out with a small description of language feature/function, followed by the exercises themselves.

Kian Ting

Kian Ting, Integration Architect at Christchurch City Council, shared three insightful blogs. One is the story of his latest project at Christchurch City Council, where he goes over how he uses Anypoint Platform to securely access backend APIs.

The second blog is about applying custom policies in an on-premise Mule Runtime.

The third blog explains how to create a CXF interception in Mule 3.9. When working on creating Mule applications that connect to SOAP web services, developers will often find that they need to have access to the underlying SOAP fault when a SOAP exception happens. This blog demonstrates how this can be achieved by creating a CXF interceptor.

The video of the month

Jason Estevan shares his best advice on why and how to pass the most advanced and recognized MuleSoft Certification: MDC – Integration Professional. Watch the video!

The pro of the month

It’s time for us to feature here someone who is a regular of the blog section. Patryk Bandurski, Senior Consultant at PwC Polska, passed the Integration Professional certification this month. Congratulations Patryk!

He explains:

“My journey began 7 years ago. I was supposed to choose an integration platform for our project, and this is how I “met” Mule ESB. Although the barriers to entry are low with MuleSoft, it was not an easy task to become a certified Integration Professional. I’ve learned by myself a lot, mainly using the official documentation. The MuleSoft community played an important role as well.” 

“Without the awesome blogs that other MuleSoft developers share on a regular basis, it would have been much harder. I’ve also earned a lot of experience working on many integration projects, and after a few years, I was able to pass my first certifications. The Integration Professional certification clearly relied on my many years of working on MuleSoft daily. This certification gave me both the confirmation of my skills and more self-confidence.”

First Meetups!

In June, we had four Meetup groups hold their very first events––all with amazing turnouts!

mulesoft developer meetups 4

First, Pedro Rocha, Head of Software Architecture at Glintt, made a great introduction to Anypoint platform in Porto, Portugal.

mulesoft developer meetups

Gaurav Mathur, Senior Director at Capgemini, and Santhosh Ramagiri discussed API-led connectivity and brainstormed future topics in Hyderabad.

mulesoft developer meetups 2

Mark Davis, CEO at RealQuantum, organized the first Meetup in Kansas City, KS. Local MuleSoft users mingled and discussed topics for future Meetups.

Ankit Lawaniya and Pryank Gupta, Senior Software Developers at UnitedHealth Group led the very first gathering of MuleSoft developers in Delhi, to discuss RESTful API design basics and how to use RAML to define APIs. They welcomed Sadik Ali, Solutions Architect at Kellton Tech Solutions, for this presentation.

That is it for this month! We’d love to get your feedback on this blog series in the comments. If you know a great contributor, whether they are writing blog posts, speaking at a Meetup, or simply answering questions on the forums, tweet us @MuleDev.