Announcing Mule’s Activiti transport


Hi all!

A couple of weeks ago I started the integration between Mule ESB and Activiti BPMN. Activiti is a Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow system targeted at business people, developers and system admins. Its core is a super-fast and rock-solid BPMN 2 process engine for Java. It’s open-source and distributed under the Apache license. Activiti is being written from the ground up with the requirement that the engine should be easily embedded and that the project would be aimed at developers not the business.

MuleSoft joins Activiti BPM project


We are pleased to announce that MuleSoft has joined the Activiti BPM project; this is a much-needed initiative in the industry. While there are many BPM players out there (with more cropping up every day it seems), none of them focus on the gaping hole in the market. No process is an island. There seem to be so many scenarios a stand-alone BPM solution just isn’t suitable, yet BPM capabilities can be used in many different contexts.

Why use jBPM with Mule?


Mule integrates with jBPM, allowing you to send/receive messages to/from a running process. A message from Mule can start or advance a process, the message can be used as a process variable, and a process can send messages to any endpoint in your Mule config.