Introducing 3 MuleSoft Certified Connectors

December 29 2015


We are thrilled to introduce 3 new MuleSoft Certified Connectors developed by our partners through our connector certification program. These connectors have been thoroughly reviewed and certified by MuleSoft for their use case and compatibility with MuleSoft’s products. If you are interested in purchasing the connector or have questions, please contact the partners directly.


JD Edwards Connector by ModusBox


The ModusBox JDE Connector provides interoperability with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne™.

Mule ESB with the Oracle Database and IBM WebSphere MQ – Use case 2 of 3


In Part 1 of this three part blog, we created a simple message flow in Mule Studio exposed as a basic HTTP service that retrieves employee data from an Oracle HR database and returns it in JSON format. JSON is a standard format that is very popular among web and mobile applications. Let’s now take a look at how to easily turn this into a SOAP web service,

Mule ESB with the Oracle Database and IBM WebSphere MQ – Use case 1 of 3


I made a shift to MuleSoft! After spending most of my career in Big Red and Big Blue, I decided to jump from the walls of the big commercial enterprise technology vendors to the fast moving world of open-source technologies, SaaS and the Cloud. I’ve worked with several of the traditional on-premise integration tools from Oracle and IBM and now I’ll be working with MuleSoft’s latest and greatest integration platform that brings integration to the cloud.

GlassFish Users: Where to go next?


In early days of my career, Sun Microsystems was the company we all looked towards. No other company innovated as much in hardware and then in software as Sun Microsystems did. In fact, Apache Tomcat started as a project at Sun. I would have guessed in the early 90s that Sun would buy Oracle – oh well, how times change.

Oracle has a daunting task ahead of integrating some amazing technologies they acquired from Sun Microsystems.