Upcoming Webinar – Hybrid Cloud Integration is Coming: Are You Ready?

December 7 2012



The massive growth of APIs and SaaS applications has created a need to integrate anything, anywhere. This integration wave presents unique challenges for organizations looking to integrate both in the cloud and on-premise. Join Ross Mason, Founder & CTO of MuleSoft, as he discusses the emerging hybrid architectures designed to manage this challenge.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Hear what the API explosion means to you
  • Identify where your integration project falls in the hybrid use case spectrum
  • Learn cloud/on-premise integration best practices
  • Explore the MuleSoft solution: integrate anything,

In the cloud integration is your competitive advantage


Whether it is to reduce costs or growth through innovation all companies need to constantly be thinking about how to gain competitive advantage. Over the last 20 years companies have looked towards enterprise software applications to drive this differentiation. Typically the cost of doing this runs into the millions or tens of millions, meaning it was a rich mans sport with smaller companies either getting squeezed out or forced into small market niches.


New Cloud Connector: Integrating with Intacct


Intacct is an award-winning financial management system with over 5,000 customers worldwide. Intacct is often said to be the next logical step for companies that have outgrown QuickBooks Online. Since MuleSoft uses Intacct internally, it was natural that we needed a cloud connector to it in order to automate our internal business processes.

As an example, we have a fully automated invoice creation process so that when a sales opportunity in Salesforce is marked as won,

SaaS Integration Challenges? MuleSoft has the solution

January 27 2012


Are you facing SaaS integration challenges?

A recent survey of SaaS and cloud vendors found integration to be the #1 hurdle in the SaaS sales process, with almost 90% of respondents considering integration to be important or extremely important in winning new customers. Customer concerns about integration represent both a threat and an opportunity for SaaS and cloud providers.

Zuora and MuleSoft: Integration Should Be This Easy

January 24 2012


You may have noticed that we announced a partnership with Zuora, the company behind the leading SaaS subscription billing service (often touted as the Salesforce of billing). This is no ordinary announcement. We are truly excited about what this means for the future of integration.

SaaS is changing the application landscape, offering better applications at a lower cost through cloud delivery. The benefits of SaaS have been touted many times,

Integration is the biggest challenge in the cloud


When people ask  “what are your biggest concerns about cloud” you may think security, lack of standardization or reliability, but the real challenge is the same challenge that has challenged every enterprise; how do I get my applications to talk to each other and how to I respond to changes in my business?

The fact is that there are some major trends happening that are making integration an important if not the most important economic and business imperative.