3 reasons to surrender your data center and move to the cloud

MuleSoft CEO Greg Schott has advice for companies looking to move faster and take advantage of opportunities provided by digital transformation. In an interview with Computer Business Review, Greg says, “Surrender your data center security blanket,” he says. “I think even the most regulated business would go to the cloud if they could. [But in many cases, CIOs] feel better because their data is sitting inside my data center, I can see it I can touch it,

The future is here

As of October 21, 2015, the future is now the past. That was the date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel through time to in Back to the Future 2. Some things have come true in the 1985 vision of 2015 – drones, for example, or self-lacing sneakers, and some things haven’t yet. Where are our flying cars?

flying carsflying cars

But one thing is certain –

3 emerging technologies that could grow your business


It’s really easy to think that all the innovations emerging from the tech sector won’t have an impact on businesses in other industries. But a recent study by Gartner announced that Unilever, a CPG business founded in the 19th century, is a supply chain leader thanks to its innovative use of data analytics. The truth is every business can be disrupted – and can take advantage of digital transformation. In a recent piece in Computer Weekly,

Top Tech Trends a CIO Needs to Know

Digital transformation is happening faster than you think. Businesses are evolving into “composable enterprises” built out of connected software, services, and applications. To create a new service, launch a new product, or enhance existing systems, businesses need to quickly connect applications, data and devices; their ability to stitch all these parts together determines whether they will win or lose in the market.

It’s increasingly the CIO’s job to accelerate innovation across the business.