Love your dataloader even more – New October Release

October 24 2012


I’m very excited to announce that the October release of is now available! It includes many  new features,  UI enhancements and bug fixes, which we hope it’ll make you love your data loader even more.

New CloudHub Platform Service for Application Data Storage


We’ve just rolled out a new platform service in our CloudHub R20 release for storing application data. With Mule’s Object Store capabilities, each CloudHub integration application is given it’s own storage, with zero configuration required. This makes it a extremely easy to implement two very important integration scenarios:

  1. Persisting OAuth tokens – all our OAuth enabled connectors can store tokens and restore them using ObjectStores
  2. Storing synchronization state –

New Cloud Connector: Integrating with Intacct


Intacct is an award-winning financial management system with over 5,000 customers worldwide. Intacct is often said to be the next logical step for companies that have outgrown QuickBooks Online. Since MuleSoft uses Intacct internally, it was natural that we needed a cloud connector to it in order to automate our internal business processes.

As an example, we have a fully automated invoice creation process so that when a sales opportunity in Salesforce is marked as won,

Enterprise IT predictions for 2012


You went to the gym twice last year yet you are considering renewing your membership; yep, 2012 is here. And while we’ve seen a number of exciting developments in enterprise IT in 2011, it was just the beginning. There’s a lot in store next year, here are 6 key developments to look out for in 2012.

Integration Matters at PeopleMatter

November 7 2011

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We have been seeing incredible early success with our iON integration platform as a service (iPaaS). We have talked with over a hundred SaaS providers over the past couple of months, and overwhelmingly, we are hearing that integration is a major challenge for them as they go to market. Time and time again, these SaaS providers have been telling us that their customers increasingly need to integrate their SaaS offering with other SaaS and on-premise systems.

Upcoming Webinar: Pacific Comp, real-world use case


We provide a lot of webinars with tips and tricks from our development team on how to get the most out of Mule. But what about in the real world? We’re pleased to present a great customer use case of Mule in the wild.

In 2010, Employers Direct, a major workers’ compensation insurance provider, became Pacific Compensation. As part of this shift, the company fundamentally changed its entire model from direct sales to utilizing insurance brokers.

Announcing Mule iON, the industry’s first integration PaaS


We’re pleased to announce Mule iON public beta, a cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that enables developers to integrate and orchestrate applications and services.  With Mule iON, you can integrate with popular SaaS application, cloud services, and social media platforms easily using a library of out-of-the-box cloud connectors. At the same time, you can integrate your enterprise applications as well,

What is PaaS (Platform as a Service)

application networks

With 2011 being touted as the year of the PaaS there are still many questions to be answered. I thought I’d offer up my $0.02.

Let’s quickly go over the basics of where PaaS sits. There are 3 defined service layers to the cloud: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Both IaaS and SaaS are easier concepts to understand and have been around longer.

Mule’s new digs.


After two years of using a theme that we can honestly describe as passé, we have recently overhauled our Blog in big ways. Let’s take a look at how these will benefit our readers:

New look & feel

Changing the look and feel of a site can have a very refreshing effect. We’ve updated our look to a slick, more modern version of its predecessor. This includes a roomier layout for our dev audience that visits us on their super large monitors,

Mule Payment Services

January 25 2011


If you are selling a product or a service online, chances are you’ve had to integrate with any number of payment services available today. As any application developer will tell you, the integration with the payment system is only one step of an order process.

Mule Payment Services makes it easier to use payment services from different providers. We started with connectors to Authorize.Net and CyberSource (both companies owned by Visa).