How to build a successful career: 5 lessons for approaching professional development

February 2 2018


I thank my lucky stars every morning I walk into the office, as I’m pretty sure I have the best job on the planet. A big part of my job is building an environment in which incredibly talented sales professionals can grow substantially as both professionals and individuals.  Working with my team, I often hear, “What do you wish you could tell your 27-year-old self?” After nearly two decades building teams, I’ve come to realize a few key lessons.

Guide: 5 interview tips, 5 resume lessons, and 10 things recruiters wish you knew

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Last year, we interviewed over 8,000 candidates in over 20 offices across the world. In this #careeradvice series, we want to share our behind-the-scenes insights with you. We’re featuring our global Talent team and spilling their secrets.

Want to get your resume noticed? Do these 5 things before you apply

January 19 2018

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We interviewed 8,000 people last year in over 20 offices around the world. We’re sharing our behind-the-scenes insights with you in our new #careeradvice series!

In this series, we’re featuring our global Talent team and spilling their secrets on job hunting–– from the best way to apply for a job and what to put on your LinkedIn profile to how to nail the perfect interview. This second post reveals the most effective ways for getting your resume noticed anywhere,

10 things recruiters wish you knew about getting a job

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We interviewed 8,000 people last year in over 20 offices around the world. We’re sharing our behind-the-scenes insights with you in our new #careeradvice series!

18 things Muleys are excited for in 2018

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Last year was definitely an exciting time to be a Muley—kicking off 2017 with an IPO, witnessing awesome customer outcomes, announcing major product releases, and being named one of the best places to work in both the Bay Area and Buenos Aires.

It’s a lot to live up to! But there’s never a dull moment at MuleSoft, and 2018 has even more awesome things in store.

6 ways Muleys made it awesome in 2017

At MuleSoft, we believe one of the most important things we can do is “make it awesome” — smashing obstacles to create the best experience possible for our employees, customers, and developers. We did just that in 2017. It was a big year for us; our IPO in March was exciting and rewarding as a huge milestone for both current and former Muleys. But, as our CEO Greg Schott says, it was the first step in the bigger journey of creating lasting greatness.

Meet a Muley: Sahra Jabbehdari, AD Operations & Strategy Manager

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Sahra Jabbehdari’s role on the Account Development team has evolved into a global one, leading the team’s global operations and strategy. At our last MeetUp, Sahra received our annual peer-nominated Owners Award—and she’s just getting started!

How we “own it” in EMEA

December 15 2017

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It’s hard to believe that, less than a year ago, I had just arrived as a new Muley at MuleSoft’s annual all-company offsite, MeetUp, in San Diego for a week with my new colleagues from all over the world. I had the warmest welcome from some of the brightest people I’ve ever met. It was extraordinary to feel a part of something much bigger than myself, and see first-hand every Muley’s high energy,

Meet a Muley: Emily Turner, Sales Talent Sourcer

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My name is Emily and I’m a Sales Talent Sourcer on the MuleSoft Talent team. Not to be confused with a sorcerer; unfortunately, no, I’m not a wizard. Sorry, Hogwarts!

Sourcers own building top of funnel pipeline for our Talent team. In my case, I am looking for all-star Sales talent for our Account Executive, Customer Success, Federal, and Channel teams. I find these candidates by utilizing a number of tools as well as the greater MuleSoft network.

MuleSoft MeetUp: How we maintain global connectedness as we scale


In 2009, our then 24-person team of Muleys gathered in San Francisco for a week of face-to-face collaboration. Even in its smallest and earliest days, MuleSoft was a global company with employees working remotely from New York to Buenos Aires; Portland to Germany; Michigan to San Francisco. As a tiny startup at the time, it was important for us to align with company goals from the beginning.