CloudHub CLI Tool: New version release

February 24 2016

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CloudHub from MuleSoft

In the past you might have experienced the Command Line Cloudhub tools, and if so, you might have encountered many limitations regarding usability and options of commands.

Now, a new version with improvements that will be appreciated for any user looking for a simplified usage of CH without losing any feedback nor visibility of their actions. This tool will be of good use for support and clients especially when needing to search quickly for answers regarding entitlements and information regarding organizations and environments.

5 tips to get the most out of HIMSS

February 23 2016

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Attending HIMSS? If you haven’t registered yet and are a healthcare IT professional there’s still time! The MuleSoft team is extremely excited to meet with our customers, partners and peers next week as there has never been a more urgent need to transform patient, payer and provider experiences. MuleSoft, in conjunction with our partners PricewaterhouseCoopers, Salesforce and Deloitte have a number of solutions to showcase. See below for tips and tricks for finding the top EHR Integration, API, Population Health and Patient Engagement sessions and staying engaged the whole week.

Introduction to Deploying Mule: From Workstation to Production

February 22 2016

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We often say that if your business uses MuleSoft, you’ll reap rewards in increased speed, agility, and flexibility that will help your business succeed in today’s hyper-competitive environment. And our customers have proven that to be true. But how exactly do you go from siloed data and entangled point-to-point integrations to smooth, fast, API-led connectivity?

MuleSoft at MuleSoft: HR system to Charles Schwab

February 19 2016

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Max the Mules

Recently we launched a service for MuleSoft employees (Muleys) to be able to manage their stock options online using Charles Schwab’s service. With the solution, there is a requirement to exchange data between our HR system and Schwab in both directions. As you can imagine, accuracy is key where anything financial is concerned and as such, reducing complexity reduces the risk of errors. With over six hundred employees now and forecasting fifty percent growth in headcount this year, we needed to have something automated and efficient. We decided to use our technology to build a solution to help us make this easy for our employees – especially since we needed to launch the solution all at once to our existing employees as well as make it scale over time.

What we learned from failed SOA implementations

February 17 2016

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It’s been almost 30 years since the concepts behind SOA, specifically the notion of decomposing monolithic applications as discrete functions, were first introduced.  Many organizations embarked on the journey towards SOA, but results have been mixed.  Though SOA has several benefits and can be a powerful architectural paradigm, many SOA implementations have fallen short. In this blog post, we explore the primary reasons SOA, as an approach, failed to deliver on expectations.

Something old, something new, something connected, and something blue

February 11 2016

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How are individuals being married to technology? In lots of ways, it turns out. Ross Mason has an article in Entrepreneur this week all about ways in which we’re all developing a closer relationship with our mobile phones and other types of devices. Let’s get a closer look!

MuleSoft at MuleSoft: building the Salesforce and Slack integration to improve sales

February 10 2016

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In yesterday’s post, Mike pointed out that if our sales team responds quickly to a lead, it correlates to a higher probability of connecting with the prospect. This is something we had to take seriously. To deliver a solution, we partnered with Marketing Operations and the Account Development teams.

MuleSoft at MuleSoft: Responsive sales by integrating Salesforce and Slack

February 9 2016

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Max the Mules

When anyone shows interest in our technology we want to engage with them as soon as possible. We are excited about what we build with at MuleSoft and any opportunity to share that excitement with someone is a big deal.

Tracking the spread of illness with APIs

February 8 2016

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Have you ever commented that a cold or a stomach bug seems to be “going around”? Does it seem like all your friends and family in a particular location are complaining about being sick all at once on social media?

Sickweather is an app that’s counting on social media users to do just that; it provides real-time “disease alerts” pushed to mobile phones based on social data collection.  But now, that data is going to be put to even better use. They have created an API to allow healthcare providers third parties access to the data in order to better understand health trends.

Being picky with JMS


Mule ESB offers an amazing out-of-the-box integration which easily integrates with ActiveMQ. There is a plethora of examples on the internet that will show how to use ActiveMQ with Mule. But here we will explore how to use a filter with ActiveMQ and Mule that will help us picking up the right JMS messages we need.