HowTo – File based integrations and transfer

March 18 2016

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We recently introduced our  HowTo blog series, which is designed to present simple use-case tutorials to help you as you evaluate Mulesoft’s Anypoint platform. In this blog post, we show how an organization can use Anypoint Platform to communicate with their partners using a secure file-based solution.

How to Create and Use OData APIs for Any Connectivity Need

March 16 2016

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In my blogpost last week, I shared how, in just 5 minutes, you can expose MySQL, DB2, SQLServer, Oracle or SAP datasource as an OData API into Salesforce using Anypoint Data Gateway for Lightning Connect.

Data Gateway - Out of the box

But let’s say what Data Gateway offers out-of-the-box is not a perfect fit for what you want to do. Maybe you want to create an OData API for a different datasource, expose a legacy API as an OData API or do data orchestration before exposing data into Salesforce. So what do you do?

MuleSoft CONNECT is back!

March 15 2016

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MuleSoft CONNECT 2016, the premier digital business conference where CIOs, IT leaders, and developers meet to exchange ideas and insights on driving digital transformation, is back! If you care about harnessing the digital revolution, mastering the API economy, or learning the best way to connect applications, data, and devices, this conference is for you. MuleSoft blog readers have a special discount code entitling them to 10% off (code: mktg-blog-10) so you’ll definitely want to register for CONNECT today. 

New Ways to Connect with 3 New Connectors – XBRL, Atlassian Stash, and Atlassian JIRA REST

March 14 2016

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We are thrilled to introduce 3 new MuleSoft Certified Connectors developed by our partners through our connector certification program. These connectors have been thoroughly reviewed and certified by MuleSoft for their use case and compatibility with MuleSoft’s products. More connectors will come in a month or two. If you are interested in purchasing the connector or have questions, please contact the partners directly.


How Visa is using APIs to digitally transform

March 11 2016

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How we pay for things is fundamentally changing. You may have noticed this if you go into a store and pay for an item using an app on your phone, or by waving your smartwatch at a console.  Suddenly, handing over cash or a credit card seems a bit old-fashioned – people want to be able to pay for things whenever, wherever, without a great deal of fuss.

Using Anypoint Data Gateway for Lightning Connect, all within Anypoint Platform

March 9 2016

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Anypoint Data Gateway Download

Anypoint Data Gateway for Lightning Connect is a packaged cloud service that allows you to quickly and easily integrate data stored in legacy back-office systems with Salesforce. Using a simple point-and-click visual interface, you can access data from SAP, Oracle DB, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and others instantaneously from Salesforce. This ability to quickly connect diverse back-office systems eliminates the need to create separate design environments or to implement extensive training for Salesforce users, making it a perfect tool for application owners and business users.

Why healthcare systems are failing doctors and patients: they’re in the dark

March 8 2016

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Imagine you’re a skier with a history of injuries. You fall one winter but the only consequence is a sore head and a warning to avoid concussion; the next winter you fall and lose consciousness, and your doctors have no idea about your medical history nor the doctor’s report from just a year ago. Plus, the medical equipment they’re using isn’t connected to any system, so they have to keep entering your information in their computers, increasing the chance of human error. Healthcare professionals being in the dark about your medical history could jeopardize your life.

MuleSoft customer success: “This isn’t just about software – we’re here to help you solve your problems”

March 4 2016

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One of the awesome things about working for MuleSoft is seeing all the innovations our customers produce using Anypoint Platform. And one of the people responsible for helping customers make that happen is Customer Success Director Cat Huegler.

Cat has been working with MuleSoft for two years, and her job is to help global Fortune 500 companies deploy and manage MuleSoft’s products to do extraordinary things. I sat down with Cat recently to talk about the role of customer success at MuleSoft and some of the outcomes that Anypoint Platform is creating.

Stop making spaghetti code

March 3 2016

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Spaghetti is delicious when it’s on your dinner plate, but it can give you indigestion when it’s an enterprise integration pattern. When developers and IT teams are tasked with building integrations, creating too many point-to-point integrations can create an ugly mess that’s brittle, expensive to maintain, and difficult to modify or adapt. This has negative effects on enterprise agility and efficiency.

MuleSoft_SOTW_new_2-02 (1)

Why open a brick and mortar store? It’s all about the data.

March 2 2016

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Last month, Amazon announced it would open its second bricks-and-mortar bookstore in San Diego. Its first physical bookstore opened last year in Seattle, setting off a flurry about what that meant for the online retail giant and the future of retail itself.

According to UK tech news site IDGConnect, the physical store is part of ” a general shift towards data driven omni-channel customer experiences…the extensive customer data now available via online channels means companies can now provide a range of targeted customer experiences to suit every purpose. Advanced analytics also means that companies can better stock stores based on up-to-date sales information.”