Introducing 3 MuleSoft Certified Connectors

December 29 2015

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We are thrilled to introduce 3 new MuleSoft Certified Connectors developed by our partners through our connector certification program. These connectors have been thoroughly reviewed and certified by MuleSoft for their use case and compatibility with MuleSoft’s products. If you are interested in purchasing the connector or have questions, please contact the partners directly.


JD Edwards Connector by ModusBox


What is a RESTful API?

December 28 2015

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When you’re designing an API, it’s important to know the type of API you want for your specific project and what it’s advantages and disadvantages are. REST, or RESTful APIs are some of the most popular APIs; but how do you know that this type of API is right for what you want to do?

Holiday shopping on your mobile phone

December 23 2015

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The Twelve Days of Christmas

2015 is shaping up to be one of the most mobile friendly holiday shopping seasons ever. Adobe predicts that for the first time, mobile will drive the majority of shopping traffic. Google has shown that 1 trillion dollars of retail sales were influenced by mobile search in 2015, and 53% of us – up from 41% last year – shopped online using a mobile phone or tablets.

Presenting MUnit Coverage

December 22 2015

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For some time now users were able to see basic coverage in the Anypoint Studio UI.

With the new release of MUnit version 1.1.0, users will now be able to see coverage data of the whole  application in detail, all this by just adding a simple set of configurations to the MUnit Maven Plugin.

MUnit Coverage is the perfect tool for those developers who wish to have a quality metric over their applications. You can define metrics of minimum coverage for:

The rising value of APIs

December 21 2015

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There’s an argument that data is the most valuable resource a company has. As consumers and businesses use more web and mobile apps, and companies use data to provide personalized experiences for their customers, and analysts use data to make real-time decisions, it is becoming clear that the discoverability and presentation of data is increasingly important to how businesses function.

New Anypoint Platform release: bringing enterprise-class messaging to the cloud

December 17 2015

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We are very pleased to announce a new release of Anypoint Platform, featuring Anypoint MQ. Now customers can perform advanced asynchronous messaging scenarios and can even more easily address real-time, high reliability and highly scalable use cases, all in the cloud.

Anypoint Studio and Cloudhub integrated UI release

December 16 2015

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We recently launched an enhanced CloudHub deployment for Studio feature.

This new interface allows users to deploy Studio projects to CloudHub as if they were using CloudHub in the browser, providing all the features and settings needed to get your app up and running.

DevKit 3.8.0 released!

December 14 2015

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I’m excited to announce the release of DevKit v.3.8.0 today. This version includes a lot of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Here are seven key features you should note from this release.


License management for MuleSoft Certified Connectors

With DevKit 3.8.0, partners can manage their connector’s license natively within DevKit. This feature will allow partners to require license entitlement before users can deploy their connector in runtime. Now, similar to how our Premium Connectors work, users will see a form requiring the entitlement before the connector can be deployed.

MUnit 1.1.0 released!

December 11 2015

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We are happy to announce the new release of MUnit version 1.1.0.

In this release we’ve introduced new coverage capabilities, improved our Studio integration, and added a number of enhancements and fixes to make testing easier.

Presenting MUnit Coverage

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 2.41.07 PM

For some time now users were able to see basic coverage in the Anypoint Studio UI. With this new release (1.1.0), users will now be able to see coverage data of the whole application in detail, all this by just adding a simple set of configurations to the MUnit Maven Plugin.

MuleSoft at MuleSoft: Making email groups elegant

December 10 2015

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Max the Mules

No one likes doing manual and repetitive tasks, or at least we don’t. That’s how our latest integration started. I’m on the IT team here at MuleSoft, and I noticed that our field team (i.e. anyone who makes commission based pay) was generating a large number of tickets based around distribution lists/email groups. The problem was simple: there had been no existing structure; each regional VP had set up their own groups; none of those groups had consistent names so they were also impossible to find; and most of the existing groups were inaccurate. The untidy structure meant that invariably every new field employee generated at least 2-3 tickets in order to refine the groups they were a member of.