Transforming from a CoE to a C4E

April 11 2016

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It’s a common scenario in many businesses – every function in the organization wants to add a mobile app or a new SaaS application and they all rely on IT to deliver. It is becoming very difficult for IT to keep up with the demands on their time and resources coming from the organization today. What if there were a way for IT to deliver more projects and create new innovations with the same amount of resourcing?

Thinking about digital transformation? Come to CONNECT!

April 7 2016

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It’s been said that CIOs have the toughest job in the C-suite. Tech executives are the ones tasked with turning businesses around and overseeing huge innovation projects. There’s a lot at stake with this role; success or failure can bring equally spectacular consequences. Plus, CIOs are often told that as the role of technology changes, their role has to change too.

HowTo – Build a REST API with XML payload

April 6 2016

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There is hardly any argument on the fact that APIs are increasingly becoming an important part of how companies do business. API has become the de facto standard to unlock one of their most valuable resources, data.

How MIT is enabling digital transformation

April 5 2016

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Colleges and universities are under pressure from demographic and technological changes. And in theory, digital transformation could ease some of that pressure. Technology can bridge the gap between increased student expectations and decreasing funding. It can also augment the teaching experience. Technology drives insight from student behaviors to provide a more personalized learning experience and enables deeper student engagement. 

The secret to retail success

April 4 2016

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Retail is under pressure. Business models are changing rapidly, customers are embracing commerce, and digital and social media are becoming ever more important to the bottom line. In addition, customers are also wanting personalized, customized shopping experiences – and the only way for retailers to provide that is by using personal data collected in previous encounters. But accessing that data and making it available to those who need it isn’t always easy.

Introducing MuleSoft Anyparty Platform

April 1 2016

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At MuleSoft, the premier connectivity company of the 21st century, we always take a comprehensive, holistic view of integration. We are not just here to connect your ERP, CRM, ACD, or HRS. We are also here to integrate your employees to help them live happy, API-led lives so they are more productive for your composable enterprise.

Connect Anything. Party Everywhere.

Today, too many people rely on P2P, “Person-to-Person,” integration to connect with each other. But once there are too many people, P2P is simply not scalable and will just lead to spaghetti relationships.

Open platforms in action right in the heart of Austin

March 31 2016

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We recently collaborated with Visa on a video about APIs. Knowing how important APIs are to the modern business, we asked Susan French, global head of the Visa Developer Program, to share some examples of interesting applications and ideas with Visa’s open APIs she observed at the launch of the Visa Everywhere Initiative in Austin.

4 reasons to attend CONNECT

March 29 2016

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CONNECT is the world’s premier digital business conference. This year it’s being held in San Francisco from May 21 from May 25, and if you’re an IT decision maker, developer, architect, or tech executive, it’s a conference with a wealth of truly valuable information.

But why should you attend CONNECT? Here are four great reasons:

  1. On-site training. Are you looking for fast-track training to get yourself up to speed on Anypoint Platform? We’ll have training courses on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, which will get you up and running at lightning speed.

Best practices for multi-SaaS integrations

March 28 2016

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It’s not correct to say that businesses operate “in the cloud.” Rather, they can operate in as many as half a dozen clouds because of the proliferation of applications and SaaS providers. It presents quite a challenge to unify these very disparate systems and get them to work in a unified fashion, but in order to achieve digital transformation, developers have to ensure that all systems within an enterprise are integrated.

Setting up queues and exchanges with Anypoint MQ

March 25 2016

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Messaging is used to help organizations provide reliable, zero message loss environments, to decouple applications, enable scale, and to unlock data for broader distribution.  It’s a critical pattern for most enterprise architectures.  In healthcare, for example, a messaging pattern might be used to create a buffer between the electronic medical records system and any number of consuming applications who need to know when a patient record has been updated.  Or in retail, a messaging pattern might be used to ensure a customer can have a seamless experience as they modify their shopping cart across, in-store, web, and mobile channels.