Ensure API security with Anypoint Platform

January 25 2016

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API security breaches are expensive. How expensive? They can cost $400m or more. APIs are a strategic necessity for any business but it’s equally important to keep them safe.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources available to make sure that API security is baked into your APIs as you design and deploy them.

We have released a new whitepaper, Protect Your APIs, which goes into detail about the top security concerns around APIs and how Anypoint Platform addresses them.

Making smart choices in smart city investments

January 20 2016

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The possibilities available to create a smart city seem endless. Technology allows innovations like smart infrastructure that can track public works projects to sensors that identify open parking spots to free public wifi. But how do municipal CIOs decide what’s worth investing in? And how can they ensure projects in process have the best chance of success?

API Security Best Practices – upcoming webinar

January 19 2016

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APIs have become a strategic necessity for your business. They facilitate agility and innovation. However, the financial incentive associated with this agility is often tempered with the fear of undue exposure of the valuable information that these APIs expose. With data breaches now costing $400M or more, senior IT decision makers are right to be concerned about API security.

Choose your own adventure – Anypoint Platform for APIs

January 14 2016

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Are you new to Anypoint Platform for APIs and want to figure out how it all works? Check out the interactive walkthrough for the Anypoint Platform for APIs.

The walkthrough lets you choose your own adventure by allowing you to pick a path that best matches your role in the example use case. At the top of each walkthrough page, under the title, is a blue label that indicates the permissions you need in the Anypoint Platform for APIs to perform the actions in the section. Depending on your focus, you could jump straight to a later point in the walkthrough that is relevant for your role.

European IT decision makers under pressure to deliver faster than ever

January 13 2016

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We recently surveyed 800 IT professionals across Europe to find out the pressures they are facing as well as how they’re using APIs to improve their businesses. The results were clear – moving faster and becoming more agile are the top priorities for IT execs in 2016.

The future of healthcare innovation

January 12 2016

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APIs are often considered the “invisible warriors of healthcare.” And as our founder Ross Mason points out in TechBeacon, there are lots of examples of how APIs are transforming healthcare. But could APIs push healthcare innovation even further?

Big strides have been made already. UCSF has rolled out the CareWeb Messenger engagement platform, which allows healthcare professionals and patients to securely communicate online and on mobile devices in real time through APIs. It helps caregivers improve care through a complete view of communications regarding the patient.

Extending Connectivity at CES

January 8 2016

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CES 2016

CES 2016 was supposed to be the year of the connected device – companies of all sizes were unveiling the latest smart devices to make consumers’ lives better and easier. Is this the beginning of the IoT consumer revolution? The picture seems a bit mixed.

Getting started with APIs? Check out API University!

January 7 2016

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We talk all the time about how important APIs are to business agility and innovation. APIs are the building block of the modern enterprise and it’s not only important but essential for every business in any industry to think about an API strategy.

That’s all well and good, of course, but how do you get started? What do developers and tech executives need to know about APIs? What best practices are out there? How can you make sure your APIs will be successful and popular? How can you build a developer community?

API-led Connectivity and CQRS: API layering and the CQRS API implementation

January 6 2016

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In this 4 part blog series, I describe in detail how one might go about modernizing a functional, but legacy Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) application without redeveloping (or even touching) it. Why? The release cycle for the legacy app is too long and it doesn’t scale in a way that will meet the needs of newly required mobile application.

Should businesses “say goodbye to IT”?

January 5 2016

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Is it time to say goodbye to IT? That’s the argument made by Asheville, North Carolina CIO Jonathan Feldman in Information Week. He says that in the techie and non-techie world, IT departments often are the center of conflict: “like a raging infection in the corporate body, IT is continually at war.”