Tracking the spread of illness with APIs

February 8 2016

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Have you ever commented that a cold or a stomach bug seems to be “going around”? Does it seem like all your friends and family in a particular location are complaining about being sick all at once on social media?

Sickweather is an app that’s counting on social media users to do just that; it provides real-time “disease alerts” pushed to mobile phones based on social data collection.  But now, that data is going to be put to even better use. They have created an API to allow healthcare providers third parties access to the data in order to better understand health trends.

Being picky with JMS

Mule ESB offers an amazing out-of-the-box integration which easily integrates with ActiveMQ. There is a plethora of examples on the internet that will show how to use ActiveMQ with Mule. But here we will explore how to use a filter with ActiveMQ and Mule that will help us picking up the right JMS messages we need.

How is technology transforming the NFL?

February 3 2016

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As the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers jog onto the field for Super Bowl 50 this Sunday, most eyes will be drawn to their large shoulder pads and shiny helmets. What many people won’t notice, however, are the tiny, quarter-sized RFID transmitters hidden in their shoulder pads. Made by Zebra Technologies, these connected, wearable devices pinpoint each player’s real-time field position, speed, distance traveled and acceleration by emitting radio frequencies to RFID receivers located around the stadium.

New Mule 3.8 & Studio 6.0 beta releases

February 2 2016

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Things are shifting into high gear for the new year over at MuleSoft, and we’ve got two beta releases ready for everyone to kick the tires on: Mule 3.8 and Studio 6.0. The Mule 3.8 release is the first to bring together our Mule and API gateway runtimes in one single package. It also adds support in our high availability feature for multiple data centers with a new quorum feature. Studio features new API design round tripping with API Designer and DataWeave flat file support. And we’ve also greatly improved troubleshooting messages and the debugger.

Just say no to slow

January 28 2016

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In our recent survey of 800 tech leaders, one particular statistic jumped out: 66 percent of IT leaders surveyed say that change is needed in order to meet a “significant” or “drastic” increase in pressure to deliver IT services faster. That’s not surprising, says Ross Mason. He points out, “IT is now critical to a company’s ability to stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment. The old IT operating mode is fractured. IT leaders are looking to an API strategy to reduce the complexity of their landscape, unlock assets and enable much greater agility through accessibility and reuse.”

IoT security is bad. What can developers do about it?

January 27 2016

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Ars Technica had a scary article this week about an IoT search engine that allows users to search for webcams displaying anything, including marijuana plantations, bank back rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and yes, sleeping babies. Webcams have easily exploitable security vulnerabilities, and those webcams are broadcasting video via API.

Part of the security problem is consumers. Because webcam manufacturers are working with very tight margins, and customers haven’t seen value in privacy and security, the manufacturers aren’t willing to pay extra to add extra security protection.

Anypoint Platform January update: improved usability and policy management

January 26 2016

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This week we’ve released a number of updates to Anypoint Platform, including new versions of API Manager, Anypoint Analytics, Anypoint API Gateway, Anypoint MQ and Anypoint Partner Manager. These updates provide improved usability for Anypoint Platform admins and owners.

API Manager 1.8.0

This release delivers a new admin user experience and improves policy management for API administrators with the following features:

API Administration

Ensure API security with Anypoint Platform

January 25 2016

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API security breaches are expensive. How expensive? They can cost $400m or more. APIs are a strategic necessity for any business but it’s equally important to keep them safe.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources available to make sure that API security is baked into your APIs as you design and deploy them.

We have released a new whitepaper, Protect Your APIs, which goes into detail about the top security concerns around APIs and how Anypoint Platform addresses them.

Making smart choices in smart city investments

January 20 2016

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The possibilities available to create a smart city seem endless. Technology allows innovations like smart infrastructure that can track public works projects to sensors that identify open parking spots to free public wifi. But how do municipal CIOs decide what’s worth investing in? And how can they ensure projects in process have the best chance of success?

API Security Best Practices – upcoming webinar

January 19 2016

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APIs have become a strategic necessity for your business. They facilitate agility and innovation. However, the financial incentive associated with this agility is often tempered with the fear of undue exposure of the valuable information that these APIs expose. With data breaches now costing $400M or more, senior IT decision makers are right to be concerned about API security.