Beyond Integration, Part 2: Shattering Monoliths


After Peak Time Handling, and its heated discussions :), the Beyond Integration series continue with this new installment!

The thought of working on a legacy system makes developers shiver: they know the feeling of tiptoeing in a crystal palace or trying to run with lead-soled shows (and sometimes having to do both at the same time). At higher hierarchical levels, the idea of touching a legacy system doesn’t create much joy either,

Bring Erl On: Provisioning RabbitMQ users through Mule


Though a veteran language and platform, Erlang has recently gained a lot of traction, as very visible web sites and open source projects decided to use it in order to leverage its intrinsic support for highly concurrent, fault tolerant and distributed applications. To name a few, let’s mention: Facebook Chat, Mochiwebejabberd, RabbitMQ, riak and CouchDB.

Presentation: EAI, When Tools Can Help


I had the opportunity to give a talk last Wednesday night at VanDev Meetup (Vancouver’s Software Developer Network). Here is a quick summary of it.

In this talk, I have presented a few criteria to help developers and architects decide between using ready-made EAI tools versus custom built solutions. I have discussed the identification of contexts, patterns, topologies and decision factors that can help favor one approach or the other.

MuleSoft joins Activiti BPM project


We are pleased to announce that MuleSoft has joined the Activiti BPM project; this is a much-needed initiative in the industry. While there are many BPM players out there (with more cropping up every day it seems), none of them focus on the gaping hole in the market. No process is an island. There seem to be so many scenarios a stand-alone BPM solution just isn’t suitable, yet BPM capabilities can be used in many different contexts.

Super simple data integration with RESTx: An example


Most people who ever worked in real-world data integration projects agree that at some point custom code becomes necessary. Pre-fabricated connectors, filter and pipeline logic can only go so far. And to top it off, using those pre-fabricated integration logic components often becomes cumbersome for anything but the most trivial data integration and processing tasks.

With RESTx – a platform for the rapid creation of RESTful web services – we recognize that custom code will always remain part of serious data integration tasks.

Demoed: Processing Data with the MuleSoft’s Eclipse Tool Suite


Last Tuesday night’s  demonstration of the MuleSoft’s Eclipse Tool Suite at the Vancouver Eclipse Demo Camp went well. I almost got Nerf-gunned for a (slight) overtime but the organizers’ mercifulness has allowed me reach the end of the demo with a running sample 🙂 For those who weren’t there, here is a summary of my presentation.

The challenge I’ve set to myself for this demonstration was the following: let’s figure out what’s the total length of roadworks currently happening in the city of Vancouver.

MuleSoft partners with Axial exchange to release open source healthcare interoperability


In 2010, MuleSoft is getting very proactive about energizing the partners segment of our community.  This month we are really happy about a new partnership we’ve entered into with a bunch of ex-Red Hatter’s via a new start up called Axial.  Axial aims to disrupt the traditional proprietary handling of electronic medical record management by a few dozen large healthcare ISV’s by driving down the cost and level of effort required to enable medical record sharing. 

Tomcat 7.0.0 Beta is Out

June 29 2010


Many of you reading this have already seen the Apache Software Foundation’s press release about Tomcat 7.0.0 — it was voted beta quality on June 25th, and the Tomcat 7 web pages went live on the Tomcat project web site this morning. It looks wonderful! Congratulations to the Tomcat development team on a year and a half of Tomcat 7 development! This first beta release of the Tomcat 7 branch is a major step forward in that it implements the Java Servlet 3.0 API,

Introducing RESTx: A new, simpler way to integrate and publish data


We are happy to introduce RESTx, a new open source project from MuleSoft. We believe that RESTx is quite simply the quickest and easiest way to create RESTful resources and RESTful web services in your enterprise or in the cloud, to integrate data and to make your data ready to be integrated.

Git and SVN: Happily Ever After?


A successful strategy for using Git and SVN together.